Thursday, June 19, 2014

New York, New York!!!

This morning, I woke up at 5 am, grabbed my babies and husband and got in the car. About 30 minutes later, I waved goodbye to my crying baby and slightly happier girls and even happier husband.
(He's excited for me to get to go have an alone trip.)  Before I left, Preslie pressed a single chocolate chip cookie crisp cereal in my hand, and said, "This is for your trip, Mom." I cried.

I had a good flight. We watched the Lego movie and it made me want to play with Legos. I think that was the point of the movie... We finally were making our final descent into New York and I was so excited to see the NY skyline. Instead? I thought we were flying over a third world country. Sorry, NY, but what I saw wasn't pretty. It was dirty and crowded and smoggy and gross.

We landed and my moms flight (we were meeting at the airport) was over an hour late. I kept looking for her gate so I could meet her but it was American Airlines everything and she was on delta. Finally I asked someone and got a rude answer. Eventually I discovered I was in the wrong building and would have to go to a separate terminal.

I figured out the bus system and made my way to the other terminal. When I got there I started waiting and met a nice woman named Frida. She is 77 1/2 years old and has lived on the east coast ever since she came to America with her family from Germany at age 10. We talked about our kids and I told her when I left mine for our girls weekend, I cried. She looked at me and said, "Stacey, GET OVER IT!"

I wanted to take a picture with her but felt awkward asking. She's been in my top 5 parts of New York so far.

My first view of the skyline from our drive to the hotel
My moms plane finally made it and 8 miles and an hour and a half later we made it to our hotel. Our rooms weren't ready. We left our luggage and started walking around the city. We found a pizza place and our day started looking up. We headed into Johns Pizzeria and split half a margarita and half a Hawaiian. I ate almost 4 whole slices. It was amazing!

 We kept waking around, found Times Square, a man asking for money for weed, lots of sex shops and lots more! We stopped into H&M, Loft and Sephora and our trip got even better! :) We came back to the hotel to meet up with April and then went to get dinner. April found a cute little juice and wrap bar. I had a piƱa colada smoothie (bananas, pineapple and coconut with pineapple juice - and serious pieces of coconut) and half a teriyaki chicken wrap. (More like 1/4. I was still so full from the pizza)

 After dinner I told them I had to get a cannoli. It's all I've been wanting all day! We found a cookie store and stopped to look inside. We were inside for all of 15 seconds and when we went back out, it was pouring! Luckily I had my mini umbrella in my bag, but we were all soaked when we got back. That maybe also had something to do with the fact that we walked like 7 blocks to the Cake Boss Bakery for my cannoli and then back 2 for a cannoli at Roxys Diner because the Cake Boss Bakery was a 30 minute wait just to get a cookie. 
The wait at Roxys was nonexistent but just more walking in the rain. But I finally had my cannoli!! We walked back to the hotel in the rain and I ate the whole. Entire. Thing. I told the girls that I might want to eat one every single day. We'll see.

Amy, Brooke and Katie are also on their way. Their flight was delayed but about 4 1/2 hours so they aren't here yet. But tomorrow were are all getting up bright and early for the Today Show! Look for us on TV!!!


Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm so glad you've had an exciting time in NY. I'm totally jealous of your trip!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm so glad you've had an exciting time in NY. I'm totally jealous of your trip!

Marlena Christensen said...

Smart girl for having an umbrella. It took me living in CA 2 years before I took my umbrella out of my purse :) Ps. The paragraph about the canoli is in there 2x


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