Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Resolve

For the past four years, I've had a Word of the Year.

My past words include:
2011: Try
2012: Do
2013: Deliberate

This year, my WotY is Breathe.

My goals for my WotY include are to relax. Simplify. Calm down. Don't overextend. Don't freak out. Don't yell. Take a breath. Think before I speak.

I'm still working on my word. It will take all year. And the rest of my life. But I'm working.

I love resolutions and I love making goals. I don't think you should just make goals at the beginning of the year, but always. We should always make goals. I try to make them every week. Even if I don't accomplish them, it's nice to know what you're trying to work on and become better at.

This year I made a list of 52-ish goals. Here they are.

1.Go to the temple once a month - even if I have to go alone. (It's hard to go at the same time when usually that's your only date and then you can't even be together)

2.Teach Chloe and Preslie how to read. (We're using this book and it's working great!)

3. Take a bath once a week (This has happened once this year…..)

4. Write more.

5. Read scriptures every day

6. Pray on my knees twice a day.

7. Floss every day.

8. Read 2-3 doctrinal books about Christ

9. Be more active

10. Get my tonsils removed (yes this is a goal. I was told I need to have them removed over a year ago, but it's easier to put it off.)

11. Save more

12. Go on 1 actual date a week. Even if it's at home. (this has happened maybe twice this year…..)

13. Read one conference talk a week and focus on it all week.

14. Make books for the girls - pictures through the years - 1 for each.

15. Take Axel for more walks

16. Finish 72 hour kits

17. Blog once a month

18. Journal once a month

19. Sew one project/craft once a month

22. Work on the house/complete house projects (This is definitely happening!)

23. Memorize the Articles of Faith (again)

24. Plant a garden (accomplished yesterday!)

25. Attend a women's self defense class (this has been on my list since like 2011…)

26. Make a friend

27. Do insanity every day for 60 days

29. Lose 20 lbs

30. Bake when I feel like it and not feel guilty (funny that comes after lose 20 lbs….)

31. Have a set "preschool" time, and actually do it.

32. Learn all the crochet stitches in my book

33. Go to the FW Stockyards (accomplished)

34. Go to a flea market

35. Repurpose a piece of furniture (accomplished)

36. Read 3 self-help books (1st one - The Book of Nurturing by Richard Eyre. It's fantastic and quick and easy. You should definitely read it!)

37. Buy makeup from MAC

38. Go back to Crossfit (I've been doing them at home…which might have to be good enough for now.)

39. Make a lemonade stand with the girls

40. Visit Grandma Walk

41. Watch Downton Abbey (Can you believe I've NEVER seen it?)

42. Send Amy Jo her sweatshirt

43. Post on IG every day (ourdailywalk2014)

44. Organize the filing cabinet

45. Sign the girls up for Tball

46. And soccer

47. And ballet

48. Think about teaching voice lessons

49. Start Chloe in piano

50. Read the RS lesson every week before RS (This one has become a lot harder because I've been called as a primary teacher

51. Make felt food for the girls

52. Memorize the Proclamation

53. Invite 1 family for dinner a month (This hasn't happened yet…)

54. Go to Illinois

Some of my goals I've been great at. Others, not so much. But it's kind of fun to see them again and think, Oh yeah! I can't believe I even had that as a goal. Funny how things change in only 3 months. I'm excited to see where this year will take our family and the things that we'll accomplish. I hope to come out better at the end than I was at the beginning.


barlow.stephanie said...

Those are some awesome goal. Get on the Downton Abbey train sista'. It is a fun ride. :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those are some great goals! And even if you're already falling a little short on some of them, there's plenty of time to pick back up and keep going.


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