Monday, November 11, 2013

26 in 26

This month, I will officially enter my "Late 20's."

I know I'm supposed to be all, "I've made peace with my age and I love the person I'm growing to be and blah, blah, blah."

Honestly? I don't want to be 27. Or 28. Or 29. Definitely not 30.

Not yet at least. Maybe, hopefully, I'll make peace with it before I get there (30..cause pretty sure I won't in the next 2 weeks), but right now, I just don't want to be there yet.

Anytime I take a survey and have to check my age, and I have to mark 25-29 instead of 18-24, my heart cries. You may think I'm being dramatic...But I honestly notice it every time, and feel a little part of me getting older, more grey-haired and wrinkly.

So, in an effort to beat this try and deal, I decided to make a list of 26 things I did while I was 26. Because if nothing else, getting older is great for getting things accomplished.

1. Graduated College
    This deserves to be #1. (After these first two, I'm not going in importance order) I know I also had a baby, but I spent SO much time just figuring out the logistics of if they were going to let me graduate, and how to graduate with the degree I deserved...31 phone calls from CA to ID in a 4 hour period...Yeah, it gets to be #1.

2. Had a baby. A beautiful baby.

3. Had a baby with no pain meds. All while on pitocin.
    Yes, this gets its own number. It's a pretty big deal.

4. Had Christmas at my house, 2 weeks after I had a baby. Including preparing the food, doing the traditional stuff, etc. (Yes, I had a TON of help from Cody and his family. But I'm putting it on the list.)

5. Tons, and tons of parties (New Years Eve (with a 3 week old), Halloween, Bachelors, Baby Showers, Surprise Baby Showers, Birthday, half birthday, etc.)

6. Celebrated Cody turning 30...and 30 1/2

7. Didn't make ANY halloween costumes. And it was glorious.

8. Celebrated 7 years of marriage by going away to Santa Barbara for the weekend. It was amazing!

9. Went on an absolutely amazing vacation to St. Thomas and loved every second of it

10. Got through the roughest 5 months of my life. Honestly. They sucked.

11. Tried conch

12. Celebrated the love between 2 Bachelor's/Bachelorettes, all while watching them every week at our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.

13. Took 3 babies on a plane all by myself, and on a 6 hour drive to Arizona by myself (where we surprised Cody for the weekend for Father's Day while he was living there for a month)

14. Bought a house

15. Found an octopus, 2 sea turtles, a pufferfish, barracudas, and multiple other fish while snorkeling.

16. Attended Book Club and had my own a few times - best one was Valentines!!

17. Did something I thought I would ever do, that is still a secret, and no, I won't tell you. (It wasn't bad. Don't worry. I'm not running from the law)

18. Had my 3rd and final Primary Program

19. Taught 20+ kids to sing every single week

20. Moved from California to Texas

21. Cooked an entire chicken

22. Made some of the best friends I've ever had. And I still can't believe I'm not still with them now.

23. Started Crossfit and loved every second of it (except when I ate a banana)

24. Took 3 kids to the beach all by myself (for the first and only time. I will never take an infant + two preschoolers to the beach alone again!)

25. Threw a baby shower for my best friend

26. Went Paleo...Then went back.

So I guess 26 was a pretty good year all-in-all. I maybe wouldn't do it all over again, but I have learned, grown, and definitely gotten older :( and maybe, hopefully, 27 will be an even better year.

26, You've been good to me. I'll miss you.


barlow.stephanie said...

You did a ton of cool stuff at 26. 27 wool be even more awesome.

Beema said...

Love it! Maybe I need to do the same thing - 59 things I've done this year - oh man. That's a lot! How did my kids all grow up and I get so old, cuz I still think I'm 26!! So how you can you be turning 27. Not possible! Happy almost birthday! You have accomplished some amazing things in your lifetime, let alone just last year!

The Story of us said...

Fun post! You had a really exciting year! I loved all the pictures. 30 isn't as bad as it sounds. I actually really like being in my 30s now.

e randall said...

So I think it's funny because I always secretly cheer that I can mark the 24-29 age category ... and sometimes even the one that goes into the 30's. Maybe it's because I usually mark it when I'm signing up for taste testing and I know my age group is smaller and I get to eat food!

Ash Kelley said...

i feel the same way about 26. actually after 21 its just a sad sad decline. hang in there :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I know it was a really rough year for you, and I'm so excited about all the good things that happened. You deserve it!


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