Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Great 2011 Update : November

I will have to update like this forever if I don't get with the program. I've thought about just skipping everything and just starting at now, but we did so many fun things I can't just skip it all!

I took the girls to Disneyland all by myself for the first time

Chloe was more than terrified. She always puts her hands in her mouth when she's nervous

The best one of Chloe, but Snow White looks a little annoyed

Waiting in line as long as we did, to meet Mickey Mouse when both my girls were absolutely terrified, in a super hot building, was just not worth it. Oh well. 

Taken by Chloe at Goofy's house

The girls hung out they always do...

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and celebrated with Cody's family

We took about a million family pictures for Christmas Cards and I think this was the final pick.

My birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year, so I was so glad to celebrate with all my family in Utah. Usually on my birthday, because we are traveling for the holiday, I end up sleeping on the floor somewhere. I told Cody this year was super important because I was (sadly) turning 25. I needed a REAL bed! He took me to see Twilight and then we got a hotel! It was so fun! My family also threw me a birthday party and they even got the cake I'd been wanting for months (from Costco - you can still get it there...I know you want to!) It was soooo yummy! Thank you to everyone who pitched in to get it for me!

And huge!!

It was a great party and I'm bummed I didn't take pictures of everyone that was there to hang out and celebrate with me. It was a great month!!


Beema said...

You did so good to take the girls to Disneyland all by yourself!! And such good pictures! Chloe takes GREAT pictures! I'm so impressed! I am so happy to read your updates!

Doug and Alyssa said...

Once you get caught up you can just keep updating by month! Your cake looks DELICIOUS!


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