Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great 2011 Update : December

We've finally reached the end! After this I'll have to keep updating by month for awhile just to get 2012 caught up. 

December was very busy and exciting! Get ready for PICTURE OVERLOAD! ...I'm being totally serious. It's a little crazy. 

Chloe was obsessed with her sunglasses for awhile

Cody and I went to San Francisco - which I will post about later. I already did a post for it but still have more to add!

We sent out Christmas Cards
This was the picture for our actual cards

And some outtakes that didn't make the cut

We played at the playground a lot..Love that you can do that here in the middle of December with only long sleeves!!

We had an awesome White Elephant/Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Preslie Pie turned TWO!!!

(Mickey Mouse is on her cake, made by her dad! So cute!)

She got a VERY special present...
Introducing the NEWEST member of our family, 

He is a LOT bigger now!

We celebrated Christmas 
Our Christmas Eve Appetizer Dinner

Christmas Morning and excited for presents!!

Christmas Dresses!

We left later that day to go to Dirk and Tami's to spend Christmas with them

Axel and Junior are now pretty much the same size!

Dan and Brooke came to visit and the girls absolutely loved it!

At Griffith Park

After Griffith Park we went to Roscoe's. It was aaaamazingly yummy!

Wow that was a busy month! Hooray for being done with 2011!!!!

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Doug and Alyssa said...

I LOVE picture overload! I especially love the pics of the girls on the tire swing. I'm impressed that Cody decorated Preslie's cake! And I wish I lived in California so we could play outside in the winter with just long sleeves. I hate winter here.


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