Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Great 2011 Update: September

In September, 
We visited Cody's sister, Brittany, and her family.
The only pictures we took were when we visited the water park by their house.

Preslie hates spraying water

And it was real sunny
I found another picture - Chloe, Mya, and Madi checking out the coy pond

 We fed the ducks by the Garden Grove library

Amy came to visit:
We went to the Orange County Swap Meet

We accidentally walked right in to a Japanese cultural fest. You had to have tickets to get it...that you paid for...We were honestly the only white people there and we didn't buy tickets. Woops.
These guys were screaming at the top of their lungs, "Ramen!!! Ramen!!!" We could not stop laughing.

We went to the beach where they were having a 9/11 memorial

And Downtown Disney

Cody flew to OK for his Grandpa's funeral

All the kids, except Cory, got to be there. I wish we all could've gone to say goodbye and be with the family. I heard it was a very special time together.

While he was gone, I took the girls to a park in Garden Grove my mom kept telling me about. 

 We were there most of the day and by the time we left, the girls were in definite need of a bath

But before we left, we found a bunch of bunnies!

That's it for September. Next is October, and it only gets busier from there!


Patti said...

I had so many comments in my head as I was reading this post and the August post, but now...well, I'm old and don't remember things from one minute to the next. Seriously.
Anyway, what I can remember is that *cough* lame *cough, cough* park in Garden Grove. Can they not update their stuff ev-er? And by the look on Preslie's face, those must have been killer-attack bunnies! I love the look on Preslie's face also in the goose picture. Too funny!

Beth said...

Your children are beautiful!! Love the pictures!

Meeker home said...

The pictures are beautiful! Your family is adorable.

Shaylen said...

Sounds like a busy September. You got a lot of very cute pictures. :) They are so adorable!


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