Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

I had the most fabulous Mother's Day this year.

Cody let me sleep in. As long as I wanted. Apparently I only wanted to sleep until 8...but that is TWO hours longer than I usually get to sleep, so I was thrilled. Then he made me breakfast. The best french toast ever - YUM it was awesome. He cleaned the whole house. (Like seriously. That night our house was a disaster and I started helping clean because it makes me sad to not help and just watch him do everything...But he pushed me onto the couch and threw me the remote. I obliged him.)
We had a great day at church - he took Preslie to priesthood so I got to listen! Woohoo!
After church we went to his parents house and had a super yummy dinner that Dirk and Cody (and Tami :) ) made, and we got to talk to Cory! That was exciting.

I wish we had taken pictures of that day, but we didn't. I was a little bit bummed about that. I'll have to take pictures of the girls later and come back and add to this. But the girls made me a card and Cody got me Boy Meets World Season 3 on DVD, a rotary cutting mat, and a new camera!!! I was SO happy about all my gifts and LOVE them all!!! I'm a little scared about ever getting the camera out, though because I don't want Preslie to throw it away again!!!

Thank you, Cody for giving me the best Mother's day ever. You're the BEST!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mothering Day! I have the best mom and mother-in-law and I'm so glad I was blessed with so many wonderful women in my life!

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