Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Do-Over

Because the girls were sick over Easter, we didn't get to go to church and show off their adorable Easter dresses. I had gotten them a few weeks before at JCPenny. I went there in search of some cute polkadot dresses I had seen online, but when I showed them to Cody he didn't like them very much. So I set out, with Chloe's help, to find something else. I would pick out a dress and show it to her, and she would say if she liked it or not. At first she would point to each dress I had and say, "I like this one, this one, this one, and this one." Then she got more picky and started to tell me she didn't like certain ones she picked out. Cody found the dress we eventually got the girls, and when I showed it to Chloe she said she didn't like it at all. I would try to trick her and show her a different one and then the dress we picked, but she still said she didn't like it.

I felt so bad for decided I was going to get it anyway, because she found another dress that was really pretty, but it just didn't go with Preslie's dress. I didn't care if they matched exactly, but I at least wanted the dresses to go together! Then she found a top that was hot pink, with a fake necklace on it, with leopard print tulle on the bottom half with words on the top (something like sassy or flirty or something) and she said that was her favorite and that she wanted that for her Easter dress.

I then realized Chloe has no taste.

So we got the dresses Cody found, and I'm so glad because they're adorable!

Anyway. We didn't go to church on Easter, but the week after we went to Huntington Beach where Austin and Sara blessed baby Rowen. Chloe LOVES Rowen and asks about him all the time. Anytime she sees pictures of babies she asks if it's baby Rowen. It's so cute.

We had a VERY long day - their church started at 9 am, so we left San Diego at 7, went to Austin and Sara's sacrament meeting, went to our old ward's sacrament meeting (Chloe got to go to nursery there, so that was great!), and then went to Austin and Sara's house for a fun pizza party. Poor Chloe and Preslie were just exhausted, so Preslie stole Rowen's bed, and Chloe fell asleep sitting up on the couch with no binky :) Dirk and Tami were already sleeping (they had to wake up at like 4 or 5 am!) so we got a pillow and made Chloe a bed on her grandma :) She slept there until we went home later that day. 


Barnes Family said...

LOVE the dresses! Your girls are WAY too cute! I need to post mine too....

Doug and Alyssa said...

those girlies are so cute!!


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