Friday, April 1, 2011

Now Accepting Applicants:

I am now accepting applications for girl friends for myself.

   You must live in Southern California
   You must like texting
   You must like shopping and want to go with me often. Even if it's not to buy anything. Just to wander around. And you must be ok with my screaming toddlers. Applicants preferred if you plan ahead and pack snacks and toys to entertain children.
   You must be ok with the random, crazy things I say sometimes. And you need to think I'm funny.
   You must be ok with (and like) the random, crazy movies and tv shows I like to watch, and not judge me based on them. (For example, all high school movies and shows. High School Musical, Bring It On, Boy Meets World, etc.)
   You must like girls nights
   You must like crafting while gossiping about celebrities
   You must like chocolate, or at least not judge me while I eat a lot of it
   You must be willing to watch my kids if I have an emergency, and I'll be willing to watch yours if you have kids, and if you have an emergency. Also, if you do have kids, I need to like them. You can attach a resume for them as well.
    Preferred if you have a guy friend/neighbor/boyfriend/husband that will be friends with Cody. You can also attach a resume for him. However, applicants will not be rejected if a Man Resume is not attached.
Please apply as quickly as possible. I'm in need of a girl night.


Barnes Family said...

Awww the ONLY thing that doesn't apply for me is the dumb living arrangements! If you lived here we could do those things EVERYDAY. Please move here!


Christine said...

If I lived in So. Cal, I would totally apply. Sorry Stacey. :)

jonandalicia said...

Aw, this makes me so sad! I am definitely in need of a girl friend too! A girls night with movies, chocolate and gossip sounds amazing! I bet I know what our husbands would be doing and they would love every minute of it too... playing Xbox. haha I thnk we talk about living by you guys at least 3 times a week. Oh man, I feel kind of pathetic... ha

Shaylen said...

I would apply as well if I lived in Southern California! If we move there anytime soon I will swing by and pick up an application!

CHMomma said...

i have a simple solution for you stacey, simply explain to cody that you need to move to houston, to be by his crazy cousin and her 3 monkey children.we have a built in friend for cody-my husband dave! sounds good yes?

ps i love reading your blog you crack me up!

Doug and Alyssa said...

dang. why do I not live in california??

Nielsen Family said...

Well so far I think I am a front runner as I DO live in SoCal. I fit in pretty well on all other requirements as well.

derek and michelle said...

Hey, I wish we lived closer. Because I would totally be your friend.

Christy said...

I totally live in SoCal! I'm in Orange County. I think we actually have some stuff in common too. :) Nobody is a bigger chocoholic than I am! haha. I have 2 kids. Come check me out!

Ainsley said...

if only palm springs wasn't an hour and a half drive. i had a really hard time when i first moved here. it took me about a year and a half to feel like i was established and had close friends.

the thing that bugged me was there were 'young' moms around... but really they were in their 30's had a few kids-- we weren't in the same phase so i didn't fit in. its hard. makes me grateful for how nice we had it in rexburg. good luck!


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