Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty Lucky Afterall

I saw a super cute idea for St. Patrick Day shirts here. I decided to try it out. I thought Preslie and Chloe would be adorable in their matching shirts for St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday I went to Michael's and bought this.
Yeah, there's a link there. But don't buy it.
I got all my stuff ready, ironed the freezer paper on the shirt, opened my glue, and nothing. It wouldn't come out. When it did come out, it was hard by the time it touched the fabric. Yeah, it says easy flow. It also says it works on fabric. In fact, that's the first medium it says to use it on! Well, don't. It started to come out a little bit more, so I started squeezing. Super hard. I bent the tube in half and squeezed. And then the bottom blew out. ALL over my shirt. I tried using a paintbrush to move the glue around, but it was hard on the shirt. It stuck to my paintbrush more than the shirt. It was a mess. I was so sad and told Cody I was about to start crying because I had just ruined everything.
He's concentrating. Super hard.

Cody got down with me and started helping me. It took awhile, but he finally got the glue spread out enough to cover the whole thing.

Dumping the glue out of the bottom instead of using it through the top

Even more spreading. That glue really is ridiculous. Don't ever get it.

Finished product!!!!

So yeah, maybe it is a little wonky, but that was because the image I used was a little wonky. It didn't look weird when I printed it of...but it does when it's giant in glitter. Oh well. Chloe won't know the difference.

Thank you, Cody for all your help! You are a wonderful husband!!!


Beema said...

You are so crafty - and so nice of your awesome husband to help you! He is so good for you! And the shirts are adorable! I love glittery things! And Cody's even working on it RIGHT HANDED!! Interesting!

DAY said...

those shirts are cute! are they washable? i've used that glue before and it was fine-maybe you got an old/bad tube. next time try taking it back to the store and get another one Ü way to be persistent tho!

Doug and Alyssa said...

those are so cute!! and what a nice husband you have:)

Amy said...

That's so super cool!!! You're totally lucky! And the shirt is adorable! I think Cody's the greatest. He even has red hair - maybe he's part-leprachaun... ever thought of that before?? :)

Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

SO CUTE cody has way more patience then me :) those turned out great

Shaylen said...

Cute! :D


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