Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night Cody and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Don't watch it. It'll waste your life.

But it was cute, I guess, and there wasn't anything dirty or any bad bad words. And regular bad words were very sparse.

Anyway. The girl is addicted to shopping. Obviously.

And it made me want to go shopping. Really, really badly. I started thinking about all the little shops in Rexburg that I loved but never would shop at (because we had no money), and the whole time when I lived there, I'd think, "Someday, when we have more money, I'll be able to shop and have all the things I could want."

Yeah. About that.

Now we live in Southern California, where clothing shops are not necessarily cheap (I haven't found any at least..I'm talking boutique-type places here), but are ALL over the place. And I find myself wishing to take a trip back to the Burg.

Shopping, at least, clothes shopping for myself, isn't really happening because if I actually try to look at anything, and slow the cart down to browse, Preslie starts the back-arching, mild screaming, which escalates to her fully standing up in the front of the cart, screaming her head off. She hasn't fallen out, yet. Luckily.

I also have a problem with shopping because of the fact that if I do have the luck to find something in between screaming children and dropped fruit snacks, I can't ever try anything on because a cart/stroller doesn't fit in a dressing room and I
1.Don't want to leave my babies out in the dressing room hallway to get kidnapped while I decide if I look cute in some outfit while the horrible lighting is making me doubt myself, my clothing, my hair, my makeup and basically my entire existence...
And 2. I dont' want to get dressed with my babies out in the dressing room hallway and leave the door open, allowing fellow shoppers to also question and doubt me. And probably laugh and point and run away screaming.

And a third reason I can't go shopping, is because I can't spend money. When I turned 19, I found this sweater. It was so cute. I wanted it so badly, but it was $15. And I was living on my own, working and trying to save money and $15 was SO MUCH MONEY. Honestly, it still is. Yeah, I can afford a $15 sweater now, but I haven't gotten over my mindset of that being a ton of money. Also, that night (when I was 19 and didn't buy the sweater that I have thought about a lot since then and definitely should've bought), I got booted at my friend, Polly's apartment. I was there after midnight and she said it would be fine and no one ever got booted. I did. I called the guy and when he got there to un-boot me I was crying and crying and Polly and her roommates were all down in the parking lot with me and we told him it was my birthday and Polly shouted, "She didn't even buy the sweater!" But I had to pay the $50 anyway. Good thing I didn't buy the sweater I guess. Happy birthday to me.

Anyway. The whole point of this is not to feel sorry for me, because I do that enough for myself. Just kidding. But seriously.

I still have problems with spending money on myself. Honestly, $15 is a lot of money in my mind. Well, it is when I want to use it on myself. But when Cody wants something or the girls need something that is more on the expensive side, I have no problems getting it for them!

So maybe in a way I'm hoping Cody will read this and think, "Yeah, my wife is pretty awesome. Maybe I'll buy her ever pair of shoes she wants."

And in that hope, here they are. (PS These are not the ONLY shoes I want. These are only from 2 websites. I just didn't have time for more. You're welcome.) And if you have an extra money you'd like to donate to the "Buy Shoes and Clothes for Stacey Fund," Please feel free to donate it to the people in Japan who have been devastated by the tsunami and earthquake. (Not joking) But if there's extra after that, feel free to send it my way :)
found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

Also, I couldn't copy the pictures from the sites, but I really wanted these and these

They're all under $50 because I can't handle window shopping for things that I really wouldn't ever buy. So enjoy, partake, but please don't buy them for yourself and tell me. Cause I'll be pretty dang jealous.


Gena said...

Sounds like you need a day out to yourself! Do it. Just tell Cody he gets to stay home with the girls, give yourself a budget and enjoy actually looking at AND trying on some clothes!! :)

Beema said...

but Gena, shopping alone is no fun either. Stacey, your blog post today is hilarious! I'm totally cracking up! :)

derek and michelle said...

Lol!! First, how do you walk in those shoes??? You should totally go shopping. I have to try things on to know if Im going to buy it. Your posts are so entertaining.

Jessica said...

Love this post Stacy. Glad I'm not the only one who feels the exact same way. No problem here spending money on the kids and Mikey but as for me. . . it's the hardest thing! Hope you get some shoes!


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