Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Date

For Valentine's Day this year, Cody and I went out of Friday to beat the holiday crowds. Tami babysat for us; (again! Thanks, Tami!) I LOVE living by family! It's a lifesaver! We spent all day Friday trying to decide where to go and finally decided on Prado. It's in Balboa Park and was perfect. It was not crowded, we got to sit on the heated patio, it was so romantic and so, so yummy and the company was fabulous. :)

Cody and me before dinner
Our Appetizer -  Grilled Skewers Trio - Beef and Chipotle Honey (top left), Chicken and Cashew Curry (bottom middle) and Shrimp and Mango Ginger (top right)

OH my YUM! It was SO good. The beef, honestly, melted. I've said that before about beef, but I don't think I ever really knew what it meant until I ate this. All three were amaaaazing. 
Our Entree - Pan Roasted Sea Bass -See the slice of bacon on top? Ohhh baby. It also had cauliflower, forest mushrooms, sea beans and red wine jus. (I don't really know what red wine jus means...but I didn't even realize there was wine in this until just now when I looked up the menu to write about it. Promise. I don't break commandments on purpose.)
Cody and I decided to share an entree, and the awesome thing about Prado is that they split it for you (so you don't have to have the whole awkward "Can we have an extra plate?" thing going on), and they charge $3 extra, but they give both the same size of side portions. So we only really split the sea bass. We both had the same amount (which was a pretty good size) of veggies, and apparently, red wine. 

After dinner. We were full and happy :) PS Cody looks so so cute in this picture. I love it!
Again, amazing. Seriously, amazing. I haven't ever had sea bass before,  I'm a salmon girl, and it actually tasted a lot like salmon. It was just really yummy. And even though we split it, we were both stuffed by the time we were done. Yum. Cody, lets go back. Tomorrow. :)  

After dinner we walked around Balboa Park. The park has tons of gardens and museums and even the San Diego Zoo is there. It's super big and super awesome. 

Walking around after dinner

K, Seriously, is this not amazing? SO beautiful

If I hadn't gotten married in one of the prettiest, most amazing places in all the land, I would've wanted to get married here. Well, I didn't see what was inside, so I really don't know if that last statement is true. However. Wouldn't it be awesome to open those doors to reveal you as a bride? If it was me, I'd do this (look at said picture) when they opened the door. :)

 After we had walked around for an hour or more, we decided we were ready for dessert. I wanted to go to a place that had been featured on The Food Network, called Extraordinary Desserts. It was on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." Love that show. This was the cake that was featured. It was the Dulce de Leche and was probably one of the top 10 moments in my life.
 See my hands in the background? Patiently waiting to dig in???

 Yeah, that's gold leaf on the roses. No big.
And about 2 minutes later.....
Oh yum. We definitely liked that. :) 

I'm not done with Valentine's Day posts, so don't worry your pretty little head. (Who says that?!?) 

I had SO much fun with my Valentine. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time and it is now a perfect memory. I love you, Cody! Happy Valentine's Day!

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