Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

My name is Stacey. 

Hi, Stacey. 

I look like this.

Really. I usually have a child attached to me in one way or another.

And I love it.

I've been thinking about these 15 interesting facts all day...Ok, really like twice today for like 5 minutes each time. But. It's hard to come up with 15 things that are interesting about me. Some of the things I list might not be so interesting. Sorry.

1. I love previews before movies. I don't care if I don't get to watch them, but if I'm by myself, watching a dvd, I'll go to the set up part and watch all the previews. And I especially love it if the movie I'm about to watch has a preview. It helps me get excited to watch the movie.

2. I hate when people touch my nose. I'm becoming more ok with it now because Chloe does it a lot, and I know she's not doing it meanly...and I don't want to yell at her to stop. That would be traumatizing for both of us. When I was growing up, I remember my brother, Noah (he doesn't remember this), saying to me, "Stacey, don't you hate it when people do this?" And squeezing my nose. Not only squeezing it, but like sliding his fingers down it. While I had a cold. It wasn't fun. So now, I can't handle people touching my nose. Cody tries to do it sometimes - like holding it closed- and I kinda freak out like I can't breathe. It's interesting.

3. I was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in 7th grade. I know a lot of people were Dorothy growing up in their school plays. But like, I WAS Dorothy. I rocked the house.

4. I am almost constantly afraid of something terrible happening to me or my girls. Things like that are on my mind most of the day. It's hard for me to stop thinking about them. I have to sing to myself or think of things like the first time I saw Cody inside the temple right before we got married. But I also think that if something terrible happened to me, I'd totally fight back. Awhile ago there was this guy on the news that was going around and grabbing women, they called him "The Groper." Gross, I know. Anyway, I always thought to myself that if he did that to me I'd totally go after him. Then sometimes I think about how I'd totally end up on Oprah, telling my story about how I'm such a strong woman and we all need to stand up to the sicko-weirdo-horribleo- people out there.

5. I love country music. But I usually only listen to it in the summer, in my car, with the windows down. I feel like it's the kind of music that you need to pretend you really are in the country, in a little sundress, driving to the creek to go swimming. Or something like that. 

6. The first time I went fishing, I caught a fish. After like 10 minutes. The second time I went fishing, I caught my finger on my hook. No fish that day. 

7. I love American Idol, but only the auditions. I will watch into Hollywood week, but after that it gets boring and I never watch it anymore.

8. I met David Archulleta in a church parking lot. He was in a car with his aunt, pretending like he wasn't who he is. But I knew. I might not watch American Idol, but I'm up on who is who.

9. I used to LOVE celebrities and everything that came with them. I wanted to be a host on Entertainment Tonight. Not lying. Then I had kids, and realized caring about celebrities was probably one of the dumbest things ever. The other day, Cody and I saw this thing on tv talking about some guy "being spotted walking in the street wearing blue sunglasses." Seriously?! Seriously?!!? Come on. People MUST have better lives than this.

10. I only have 8 classes left to get my bachelors in Communications. I had a minor in psychology and was one semester away from graduating. Then I found out I was having baby girl #2 and graduated with my general associates degree. Not shabby, but I still want to get my bachelors. When I was 22 I made a goal that I'd have my bachelors by the time I was 25...Now I'm 24 and it seems like 25 isn't too far away....I might need to make another goal.

11. Seriously? I'm only at 11?

12. When I grow up, I want to be one of those women that people say, "Stacey? She's SO nice. She's SO nice to EVERYONE." I love ladies like that. 

13. I'm basically intimidated by everyone. I don't really believe in self-esteem, but I feel like I'm probably lowest on the totem pole as far as "things" go. Like, I don't really have a "thing." I don't sew really well, I don't bake really well, I don't craft really well....I don't have a "thing." I wish I had a thing, but I don't know what that is. And I feel like EVERYONE else has a thing. And when I hear that someone is intimidated by me (which I actually don't know if that's ever happened) I kinda think they're lying because how would that be possible? 

14. K, I had totally written a whole thing about if I ever were on a show like American Idol I'd play up the whole, "I'm doing this for my sister who passed away and it was terrible and heartbreaking and tragic" angle because it was. And I think doing that is totally ok to get on a tv show like that. To win a recording contract? Yeah, I think it's ok. Anyway. It was more than that, but then it somehow got erased. I'm sure you're glad. :)

15. Sometimes when Cody and I go out on dates I say, "Lets pretend like this is our first date. So...tell me about your family." And he says, "Nooooooo." I think it's hilarious.

I don't believe anyone will read this far. But if you did, congratulations. You win the prize.


Meeker home said...

Stacey you are so funny!! I LOVE #9. I feel exactly the same way.

Kim said...

Read the whole thing, you are awesome! Love your #12. As far as developing talents, go to homemaking will learn something that will become your 'thing' me.

Christine said...

First of all, everyone already says, "Stacey? Oh my gosh, she is SO NICE!" Seriously... you've already accomplished that! Great job! So maybe that's your "thing"... that, or taking care of adorable little girls, you're probably the best mom! :) Miss you!!

Shaylen said...

I agree with Christine! I always think of that phrase when I think about you. You are so nice and sweet. :D I hate it when people touch my nose too! I am usually stuffed up and can't breathe out of it anyway, but Clint will pinch it closed and I freak out too! :D He does it because I react so much, but I can't help it.

AmyJo said...

I totally read the whole thing! AND I'm gonna copy you and do the challenge too.

Citrus Hearts said...

So you totally have a bunch of "things" I know when I think of you I think, My sister in law Stacey is an amazing singer!! Also you have always inspired me ever since the first time I met you. You just have this sweet and honest way about you and you seem so unafraid to be you and that's a awesome "thing" to have the ability to inspire other people :)

erin said...

i read!

Aimee said...

I remember #4 in 7th grade! You totally rocked that play!! And I love #15, I try to get Adam to do the same thing but he thinks it is a stupid idea!! =)

Amy said...

I want the prize! But wait - I already got it because you're my sister! And you're hilarious and I LOVE this post.

Beema said...

And I totally read the whole thing too - and loved it all! and I win the prize cuz you are my daughter and so is Amy and Catheryn and I am so happy to be the mother of wonderful, awesome daughters! How could I be so blessed? And then to add to it - I get to have wonderful awesome daughters-in-law too! So I win big time - and Susie - you ARE so talented, so pretty, so sweet, such a good mother! Never underestimate yourself!


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