Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 4: Your parents

I know I'm supposed to be way ahead of Day 4...But I'm not. I'll make up for it though.

My parents are amazing people. I could get really emotional and crying and oh yeah they are the best people in the world (which they are), but I think I'll just talk about them.

My dad is an amazing cook. He makes the best food in his giant dutch oven. And he makes the best food out of this giant dutch oven. Not only yummy, but in huge quantities.
Like maybe not feed an entire army quantities, but pretty close. He's also extremely smart. When I was in 8th grade I was talking to Kevin Tiedemann about whose dad was smarter, and he asked if my dad knew about nuclear something or other. I told him I didn't know, but I'd ask my dad. So one day I asked my dad and he just went all out on the subject, talking all about it. I didn't stop him to say, "I really didn't want to know about it...Just wanted to know if YOU knew about it." I later told Kevin, yes, my dad definitely knows all about that.
My friend, Michelle, and I went camping with my dad in Turkey Run when we were probably in 8th grade. It was raining a LOT there and we were trying to build a fire. My dad asked us where we could find dry wood for the fire since it was raining so much and of course we didn't know. He told us, inside the wet wood! He cut the outside off of all our wood in our woodpile to reveal dry wood, ready for our fire. He also cut his finger while he was chopping wood and Michelle and I were freaking out telling him he at least needed a band aide or something on it. He just ignored our attempts at nursing his hand and kept chopping wood. He's pretty tough, too.

My mom is also amazing. She is kind and thoughtful. She really loves. You know? Like some people are kind and thoughtful but my mom puts her whole heart into it. Into caring for others and being there. Especially for her kids and grand kids.
When Chloe broke her finger, she told me she was trying to figure out how she could get out here to be with Chloe. Even though it really turned out to not be a huge deal. She really loves all of her kids-in-law, too, just like they're her own kids. She has taught me how to be a great mom. So many times when I lived in IL with them last year people would say, "Stacey, you are just like your mom." We talk alike, we laugh alike, we are alike!! My mom has always been there for me anytime I need someone to talk to, ask advice from or have a question about anything.

There were a lot of times growing up I'd go into my mom's room when she was saying her prayers. It was such an example to me of the kind of person I wanted to be someday. She is so strong in the gospel and her love for the Savior is apparent to everyone. But make no mistake, she's also a huge party girl. :) She travels to basically everywhere tropical and warm and always has the time of her life there and makes it wonderful and fabulous for everyone else, too (which is usually just my dad because they never let us tag along) :)!!!

I am always in awe of my parents and all that they know and do. They are some of the best people I know! (And Happy Anniversary last week!!! 37 Years is quite the accomplishment!!!)


Beema said...

Susie! That was awesome! Thank you so much! I loved reading this post!! :)

Jill said...

I love your parents.


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