Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was quite the adventure. Two days before, Cody, Dirk and Cory had worked at a race that Dirk's work was sponsoring. It was 3 1/2 hours away and they planned to leave right after the race was over (11:30 Saturday night) and get home around 2 am Sunday morning. (Pictures of the race and the cool things they discovered coming soon)

I woke up at 3:30 am because Preslie was crying. She went right back to sleep after I gave her her pacifer, but I didn't. Cody still wasn't there.

I texted him a few minutes later asking where they were.

No response.

I texted him 15 minutes later.

No response.

Now, I am my father's daughter. I worry about EVERYTHING. I never did before, when I lived with my parents, because my dad did all of that for me. But now that I'm on my own, I worry. Basically all.the.time.

I went downstairs to see if they had come home and just hadn't made it to bed yet. Nope. I almost went outside to see if the truck was back, but...I worry. I was worried some scary person might grab me if I went outside.

I almost woke up Tami and asked if she had heard anything, but decided I'd learn soon enough if they were dead and I might as well try to get some sleep before I knew for sure.

Sleep did NOT come. By about 4:45 am I was crying and crying, laying in bed, all alone. I was thinking

-we should've gotten life insurance
-what do I do now?!
-I have to change my blog name (Seriously. I even came up with another one....But now I can't remember it)

Along with lots of other things that were more important than blog names.

(Ok, so the thing that made me start crying....Pathetic, so don't make fun: The last 2 years on our wedding anniversary (as well as Valentine's Day) Cody and I have celebrated at Taco Bell. I started thinking, every year on July 15, I'll have to go to Taco Bell by myself! ...Yeah, I was crying a lot about that!)

At 5:30 am Preslie woke up, followed by Chloe at 6. Around 6:45 I looked in the kitchen and saw Dirk! They were alive!

Dirk had gotten really tired on the way home so they stopped to sleep. They couldn't tell us, though, because all three of their phones had died!

So Cody and Dirk stayed home from church to sleep - Cory had been sleeping the whole time in the truck so he came with us. When we got back home, I took a nap cause I was exhausted! We had a yummy dinner and then watched The Sound of Music! (What other day would the guys be ok with watching that?) :)

Cody got me a rotary cutter! Yeah! It is so pretty and has gerber daisies on it. I love it! He didn't buy a mat because at the only craft store in this town they are WAY expensive, but I just saw one at Walmart for only $10! I think I'll have to pick it up. Chloe also drew me a picture and I loved it!

For our moms for mother's day we wanted to take pictures of the girls and get them printed and framed for them. But having secret photo shoots is hard to do when you live with your mother-in-law! We finally got it done, (in matching outfits AND bows!) but it was after mother's day..Woops. The pictures didn't even turn out at all because Chloe had a horrible diaper rash and didn't want to sit down and Preslie was bent over the whole time eating Chloe's toes.


*Anytime we ask Chloe to smile she gives us a crooked one. I don't know why!

*Preslie LOVES toes and will eat (or try to eat) any that are within reach

*Chloe trying to get away from the camera!

*Me and my girls!
*Could we have gotten a more unflattering picture of me??

We gave up on that photoshoot since there weren't any that were turning out ok and had another one that wasn't secret at all. Tami ahd Dirk helped to keep the kids looking at Cody and smiling.

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mothers out there! I'm so grateful for my mom and mother-in-law. They have taught me so much! Love you guys!


Doug and Alyssa said...

I loooove Chloe's little pink headband

Christine said...

They both look adorable!!
I've had times where Steve was 5 minutes late getting home and I've gone through the whole "what if" process... you're not crazy!!

Grandma Nell said...

Lo.ve. it. The girls are adorable!! Simply a.dor.a.ble!!! Love them so much! All of them!

erin said...

your girls are sooooooooo cute!

and i get super worried all the time too. it totally sucks. james i living 2 hours away from me during the week and usually he calls me before he goes to bed, but one night he didnt and i COULD not sleep. i just kept thinking--no this is not the time, this baby needs a dad. i cant have his baby it will only remind me of him. blah blah blah but.. hes alive. :) he usually is. haha

ps i want to craft with you. i wish i was rich and could go down and visit you.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh they are tooo cute!!! I love their matching outfits! :) And I love that Chloe just doesn't care that Preslie is eating her toes. So so sweet!

derek and michelle said...

they are adorable!!! I love chloes dress and head band!

jonandalicia said...

Cute pics! Did you get your hair cut? It looks like it a little bit in the pic with you and the girls.

Ash Kelley said...

Your girls are so beautiful!!!!! I love their outfits too. You always dress them so cute! Happy Late Mothers Day!!!


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