Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Us

Chloe was REALLY grumpy and acting tired one day...but it wasn't naptime yet so we weren't putting her down. I was taking a shower and Cody was with the kids. Chloe went into the kitchen and he thought she was pretty quiet...So he went to see what she was doing and this is what he found...

She didn't even make it to the rug! Haha So cute!

I LOVE doing crafty things and Chloe does too! One day I cut out a cloud shape on a piece of paper and cut a bunch of "raindrops" out of blue scrapbook paper. Chloe and I went outside and looked at the clouds and I told her about the rain and how it comes from clouds. Then we put some glue on a paper plate, gave her a Q-Tip and she went to town gluing those raindrops onto the cloud! I ended up having to cut out raindrops 3 or 4 times cause she didn't want to stop. Her cloud was filled!

One day Chloe and I were taking a walk and she started playing in the dirt. It got EVERYWHERE and she loved it! I told Cody, "We're learning about dirt!" He said, "Are you going to sit her on an anthill and teach her about ants?" :)

Preslie is super into spitting right now and she loves to lay on her tummy! I swear she's about to start crawling - she gets up on her hands and knees (and sometimes hands and feet!) and rocks back and forth. She just started going to sleep without her arms being swaddled in her blanket - she started turning over while she was sleeping and couldn't get back on her back! She is totally sleeping through the night now (I still wake up every once and a while to give her her pacifier in the night) and remember how I tried to teach her how to put herself to sleep? For some odd reason I gave up on that...But I started again just yesterday! I'm proud to report for her morning nap today she did it and didn't even cry! Woohoo, Preslie!

Chloe LOVES being outside and will point to the door, bring you her shoes and say - bye bye! Bye bye! Bye bye! Over and over and over. Unfortunately its been getting REALLY hot here lately so we have to go out only in the morning and late evening. During the day it's usually about 100. She sometimes likes to be in the swimming pool but has only gone in with me and doesnt like being in very long. She still loves reading books and LOVES her Mr. Potato Head toy and when she gets it out she'll laugh so hard because she's so excited! We just took her to the dr because her feet started peeling really weird and he said she has eczema on them and is allergic to her sweat. He also said it might be a little bit of athletes foot so we're putting cream on it and it's looking a lot better! She doesn't ever use her binky anymore, except when she's sleeping. She is so good at putting it back in her crib and she knows she's a big girl and doesn't need it in the day! Now we'll just have to wean her from it at night.
She is still getting bottles, and I'm ok with it! She only gets it twice a day and that's basically the only milk she'll drink..So I'm ok with it for now!

Cody and I are the same-he starts work on the 28! We're so excited! There is a man in our ward, and another one in our stake, that work for the company he'll be working for. We've only heard good things about the company from everyone in the ward! It sounds like a fabulous place to be working and we feel so blessed he got a job there!

Yesterday Cody had to go to San Diego to do some tests before he starts work - a blood test and a drug test and he'll have to have a physical. I went with him and we had a lot of fun downtown! We went to eat at this AMAZING seafood place - Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill. They were featured on one of our favorite shows, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives from the Food Channel. We were really excited to go there; the food was SO great and the atmosphere was so fun! I honestly could eat there every day. Cody ordered a chipotle sea bass sandwich and I ordered a Dungeness Crab Sandwich that came with thousand island dressing, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and coleslaw on toasted sourdough bread. YUM. Hungry yet? Before we got our food we talked about how our sandwiches would probably be pretty small and my crab was probably a crab patty with other things mixed in. Not at all! Cody's piece of fish was probably five inches long and two inches thick and my crab was just yummy, fabulous crab. I cannot stop thinking about it or talking about it. Oh goodness it was amazing. If you're ever in San Diego and like fish, you HAVE to go there!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh those kids are so cute! Will you hurry up and get here please so I can get my arms around them??? So cute that she didn't even make it onto the rug... What a sweet little wonkin. :)

Grandma Nell said...

Great blog, Susie! I love it! Great pictures too! I think that Dad and I have to come there and go out to eat with you at that place! Sounds so yummy!!! What cute babies! Love them. Preslie is going to be so grown up when we get to see her in August! I can't wait!

CHMomma said...

i love reading your blog, you're so cute!
and i love that pic of chloe i feel that way sometimes, ive fallen asleep on the boys beds a few times while tucking them in

jaredmdobson said...

Cute Chloe sleeping on the floor story! She is adorable! I Love you guys! Congratulations Cody on your new job!

Bradley and Ellen said...

I can't believe you used to live in Ames! Now I know one person from there--yippie! haha. I KNOW...will this baby please get here already??!! Jeepers! And oh yeah, I'm in love with your blog. Just in case you were wondering.


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