Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There are pictures at the end...

So much has happened lately and I keep thinking about how much I need to blog it so I don't forget, but then I get overwhelmed because it's just so much. I still have ALL of July to blog about and tons of pictures to put up, and I don't want to miss any of those things-because eventually I want to have a blog book and I need all those things in there...Because they were all fabulous!

So, I'll give you a little taste of what happened...for some of the events I won't say anymore, but the big ones I'm sure I'll get back to sometime.

In July:
Brittany, Seth, Madi and Mya came to visit for the 4th.

Alyssa got freaking married!

Sarah came to visit.

My parents and Amy came to visit, I graduated the next day, and the day afterwards we drove to Park City for vacay.

We finished off the month in Park City with my family.

We celebrated (compliments of Taco Bell) our 3 Year Anniversary.

Chloe turned 9 months old.

Chloe got her first tooth.

In August:
We returned to Rexburg to frantically pack all of our stuff.

We have amazing friends who watched Chloe, helped pack AND clean AND let us borrow vehicles to move our stuff to storage.

We said goodbye to Rexburg and started our travels to the Pacific Ocean...Which seemed oh, so far away.

Chloe screamed for THREE straight hours - starting before Malad and ending when we got lunch in Springville. Seriously-she never stopped.

We bunked up for the night in St. George after driving through an intense dust storm and intense periods of rain.

We got our first hotel at Motel 6...After sitting on the beds for about 3 minutes and just looking at each other, too afraid to take our shoes off, we called the front desk and asked if we could get a refund.

We slept at a Day's Inn and continued to Cali the next morning.

My car started breaking down before Vegas.

We stopped in Vegas so Cody to drive it around but it was fine for him.

It would jerk forward-like you were putting your foot on the gas and taking it off and putting it back on...But I wasn't doing that.

It kept doing it, and eventually I couldn't go faster than 5 mph...So the driving on the shoulder began.

Eventually we made it to Baker and the really scary shoulder driving began- they have so many exits with two lanes that I had to cross going 5 mph or slower.

I almost got hit by a semi and the driving while bawling began.

We took a break.

One of the only pictures we took while traveling.

We finally made it to Cody's parents house after driving 9 hours (when it should've only taken 6).

Chloe had an allergic reaction to her medicine for ear infection and got hives EVERYWHERE for three days.
Chloe and Daddy playing upside down games.

Chloe got her second tooth (right next to the first one).

Chloe LOVES the dog and he is her new best friend.

Cody started his internship and is really enjoying it. (I made him take pictures before his first day)

We love being with family and I love that they play games with me :)

Chloe turned 10 months yesterday!!!

Chloe can say:
Jesus...which she's only said for me and it just sounds like "Sus"
Doggy (we think...)
Nigh Nigh....we don't know what that means...but she says it a lot, not just when it's night night.
I still don't think she's actually said anything yet so I'm not counting any of these as her first words. She definitely says mama and dada and baba and gaga and all of that...but those don't count...You know?

Chloe can also:
Sign: All Done and she can almost sign More...she can't figure out how to close her fingers and just claps instead-but she always does it when we do it
Clap- and she loves to clap whenever we say, Good job, Chloe!
Walk with help
Walk along furniture

She LOVES to eat. She loves:
All fruit
String cheese like CRAZY
Graham Crackers
Yogurt-especially lemon yogurt...She loves all things Lemon
She'll eat 1/2 oatmeal in the morning, one fruit and one veggie for lunch (or one veggie and a string cheese) and a fruit and veggie for dinner.
She loves cheerios and all finger foods and eating anything we eat.
This morning she decided she was ready to start feeding herself--she's done it before, but I think she's really going to keep going with it now! This was the end result....
I think she even surprised herself with how messy she was!

We also started Operation Chloe Sleep a week ago. When she was 2 months old we started letting her cry it out at night and would put her in her crib when she was tired, instead of when she was asleep so she could figure out how to put herself to sleep. After she knew how to do it, I would just hold her until she fell asleep because she's so snuggly and cute and I loved it...Until she forgot how to do it on her own. So Operation Chloe Sleep was put into place and it's been a success! She still cries when she goes down for her naps, but not long. And she's sleeping through the night again -last night she slept from 7:30 until 6:45 this morning! So I'm soooooo grateful to not have to be waking up with her once or twice at night anymore. Woohoo!

Chloe says "All Done..." So until next time!


RussellsRoost said...

So jelouse that you guys get to live there!! But so happy at the same time! I am so glad that Chloe is sleeping good now. It makes such a big difference when you get a full night sleep!

Ainsley Anderson said...

I didn't know you guys were planning on moving to california. are you hoping to get a job here after the internship? where is he interning? it is so nice living somewhere it is always warm.

Jo said...

Wow...big adventures. Sorry you had to drive 5 mph forever- while crying. Tough break! ;) Chloe is adorable, and getting so big.

Grandma Nell said...

Look at those two little teeth!! Soooooooooo cute! Love seeing all those pictures! Keep 'em comin'! Please! Great blog today!

Doug and Alyssa said...

oh that's so sad you had to drive 5 MPH on the shoulder! Crying! I would've been crying too. That sounds like a husband job:) I'm so jealous that you're living in California. I'm stuck in Utah for at least 3 more years. And we're probably even moving to Utah County next year. Yuck. Have you laid out at the beach yet??

jonandalicia said...

Great Blog! I love getting updates! I completely here you on the awful drive, when we moved to AZ it was an awful drive too. With slow driving and crying. I love the pics of chloe, I can't believe how fast she is growing! I can't wait to see you guys next month!!! Woohoo!

the milners said...

I would expect to see those pics of "baby in striped bib" on the front of a greeting card. Seriously - she's got the funniest (and cutest) facial expressions! Sounds like you guys are having loads of fun without us! :( miss you!

AMIT said...

Hey i love the baby picture a lot.Its just fun.

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