Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday so I wanted to do a little birthday shout-out!

Happy Birthday, Mom!! I hope you've had a great day and loved every second of it. I'm so glad that we could all go to the temple to celebrate your birthday - what a perfect birthday activity!

I just want you to know how much I love you and how wonderful of a mom you are. I hope I can take all the things I've learned from you and teach them to my kids. I have so many great memories of you and I LOVE being with you and talking to you. I could talk to you all day!
Some of my favorite memories with you:

-Your silent laugh
-When we gossip together...probably not the best mother/daughter activity..But I love it
-When you stabbed Noah
-Every birthday and Christmas. Especially with Fruit Compost. :) You always made them so special.
-When I was 5 and I went to spend the night at Alyssa's but I hadn't cleaned the kitchen..You came and picked me up and I was so sad. But I remember you were so sad for me and I was bawling my eyes out and you held me..Even though I was 5 and big by then. I really knew then how much you cared about me!
-All the times you were tough and went to yell at other kids and their parents for being mean to me or anyone in our family
-Aruba. Everything about Aruba.
-Wonton Thingys
-Coming and helping me with Chloe
-Teaching me how to whistle. I remember laying in bed in Iowa and you teaching me and Dan to whistle.
-French Silk Pie
-Watching all our shows together. Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, etc
-The Sheryl Crow Concert
-Coming to Utah for my 18th birthday
-The Cheesecake Factory before the pageant
-When you came to Chicago with me on my 8th grade trip
-Trying to find the lady's house that did my hair for my wedding..Ok, more of a super stressful memory...But it ended well :)
-You always are so complimentary and so nice to all of us. It always makes me feel so so good!

I love you SO much! I can't tell you enough how great of a mom you are and how happy I am that you aren't just my mom but my friend, too. Happy Birthday!


Grandma Nell said...

Oh, Susie, that was awesome! Thank you so much! I love you - and enjoyed reading all those fun memories! You are a wonderful daughter! I love you - and Cody and Chloe! I am so glad you are so happy!

Meeker home said...

Yeah for your mom! I LOVE HER TOO!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! YAY! I hope you had an awesome birthday- How could you not with two awesome blog shout outs! We had an awesome time at the temple on Saturday. Great idea for a gift. I am glad Stacey wrote about all those happy memories. Thanks for being a great mom to me and Seth too!


Stacey- Great work and cute pics!

Bekah said...

That's a sweet post, Stacey. I think that your mom and my dad have the same smile.
Happy Birthday LynnEl. Hope you have a great day!
Beautiful photos, you are such a pretty lady.


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