Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chloe's 3 Month Fun Facts

Chloe will be THREE MONTHS OLD on Saturday!!! I can't believe it. Here are some of the fun things she's doing now!

-11 lb. 3 oz. and 23 inches long

-Loves Mr. Giraffe on her bouncer and is starting to love Mr. Elephant (Giraffe is on the right side...So we think she'll be right handed)

-Is so great at holding up her head and tries to sit up all the time

-LOVES to stand up, especially on your tummy when you lay down

-Smiles constantly at mommy and daddy

-Cries for about 10-20 minutes when you put her down for a nap, unless she's really tired

-Eats 5 oz every time we feed her -- which is every 3 hours

-Loves to be held and played with; if she's left "alone" (she cant see you) she will start whining because she's not with you

-Likes to look at the TV and computer

-Loves to suck on her fists-sometimes the whole thing gets in her mouth and she'll open her fingers and gag herself

-Always holds her hands together and interlocks her fingers

-When you put her pacifer in or go to touch her face she'll wrap her hands and arms around your hand so you have to keep touching her

-Loves to blow bubbles and spit and is drooling more and more

-Loves to talk and squeal

-Falls asleep almost instantly when you put her in her carseat

-Stops crying as soon as you pick her up, even if you don't put her binky in...Which makes me feel like she really loves me!

I love her! She's such a great baby and I can't believe we've been so blessed to have her in our lives!


Grandma Nell said...

I guess my first comment didn't post...Not sure about that - but if it did then you can just post that one and delete this one - But I wanted to wish Chloe a Very Happy 3-Month Birthday! I am excited that we share the same day together! She is a beautiful baby! You did forget to mention that she also now has rolled over!! I love the pretty flower she dons on her pretty headband! I love you Chloe!

Jo said...

I can't believe Chloe is already three months old! She's so cute, and I love her big flower. Hope you love being a mom Stacey...I miss seeing you-- and sometimes when Braden won't quit making messes, I wish I could send him to your office! :)


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