Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moving Time

I wish I could post some pictures of our apartment now..Because it DEFINITELY looks a lot different. I can't post any because we've packed the camera cord. I'm assumming we did..Because I don't know where it is. We're moving in 2 days and are almost set to go! It's crazy how much stuff you never knew you had. We're moving Friday morning at 10:00. I will be working, so I won't be here to help...I would take the day off so I could help, but then I'd just be sitting around watching everyone else work because I can't help anyway. Cody won't let me carry boxes up and down three flights of stairs...and frankly, I don't really want to. So I guess it works out! I would feel bad if I just sat here and watched while everyone else took care of my house for me, so I'm glad I'll be working.

We're going to California and Illinois soon!! I'm so excited. Cody's been working 10 hour shifts this whole week so it'll be nice to finally see him again. (I work 8-3:30 pm and he works 3-1:30 am) He was supposed to only have to do it this week and they gave them Friday off, but he just told me that they have to do it for like 3 more weeks with no more days off! I'm so glad we'll be gone for most of that. Unfortunately because of his work schedule we have to leave for California in the middle of the night..He'll get off work early Wednesday night at 11:30 pm so we can drive to the airport. And even though I'm sure we'll be super tired, we're super, super excited! It'll be a lot of fun.

I just wanted to say one other thing...I was just going to get the mail and a GRASSHOPPER flew DOWN my SHIRT! OH it was disgusting. I had to LIFT it out of my bra and I flung it on the grass. EWWWWW it was so disgusting. I don't even want to think about it!


Anonymous said...

I basically was laughing really hard when I read this. Did you know one of the kids at work brought in a HUGE grasshopper the other day, in a coke cup none the less! Then today one of our kids caught the same one because it had not found it's way out! I just thought I would let you know!

Nora's world said...

I don't know where in Cali you are going, but if you are anywhere near us (Chino) we would love for you to come over for a visit... Sam will even make you dinner. Drop me an email. hrosener at gmail dot com.

Sam and Holly Rosener... cousins you haven't seen in YEARS! :)

Shaylen said...

Hahahahah, I am sorry about that bad little grasshopper! Bugs always fly at my face and I end up doing a crazy lil dance to get away. I can't wait for your baby shower!

Christine said...

Belle would have gotten the grashopper out for you, she loves bugs! We'll miss you at church, but glad that you are still so close!! Have fun on your trip. Be sure to get up and walk around every couple of hours, you don't want to get a blood clot. :


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