Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I know I've been lacking in the blogging area lately. Let me explain why.

Google Reader. I no longer have to look at my blog to check everyone else's (which I do like 3 times a day...at least), except a few that are private and Google Reader can't subscribe to. Because I don't have to look at my blog very often, I kinda forget it exists. Also, with Cody's new camera I didn't know what cords went to it to hook it up to the computer to add pictures, and I hate having posts with no pictures, so I figure I'd just wait until I figured it out.

Well today I've figured it out. So I've decided to just post all the pictures and briefly explain, instead of posting a couple pictures and explaining a lot...Because people love pictures.

I have some pictures of my belly where you can actually SEE my belly...But I've decided to definitely not post those. Besides the fact that it's ginormous and while some people think it's beautiful...most people don't. And I can only imagine the comment my brother, Noah, would leave about it. I'm sure he would completely freak out and be totally disgusted. So be glad you missed out on those. :)

This is our living room. We're moving August 8, and I wanted to take pictures of all the rooms before we pack them up so we can scrapbook them and remember our first home. I haven't packed anything but the living room yet (and some of my closet) so that's why there's only a picture of the living room. (And yes, that's Grey's Anatomy I'm watching.)

Last Saturday Cody was making a bagel for breakfast when half of it fell into the sink, into soapy water. He was very, very sad. He said he wanted a cinnamon roll so I told him I'd get him one! We went to Great Harvest and he got a cinnamon roll as big as his head. After that he was very, very happy.

On Sunday we went for a drive. It was so nice and relaxing and we found some fun farm animals!

Then we crossed the bridge to Kelly Canyon and took pictures of the sunset. We got there at the perfect time. It was so pretty!
My Ginormousness.

Last week I went to a "Cents of Style" party with my friend, Alicia. It's like a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party...Only they sell purses, shoes, belts, headbands, and jewelry. Sooo fun! I bought a super cute purse and these fabulous shoes. The best part is that everything is $15 or less! (The shoes were only $10!!!)
Cody didn't really understand why I would want shoes that "look like banana peels on your feet" but I told him that they are fabulous and I had to have them. He told me they didn't match anything I had, but I explained that they don't have to match...They go. Thank you, What Not To Wear :)

We also had our 7 month appointment today. I was tested for gestational diabetes which was awful.. The drink they made me drink wasn't awful at first...But as I kept drinking it it just got worse and worse. Luckily I didn't throw up or pass out (which I was worried about..I really felt like I was going to pass out the whole time) and I passed! I don't have gestational diabetes which I'm really happy about, but they said my sugars were low-I have to eat every 3 hours- and if I don't start taking my prenatal vitamin more faithfully I could get anemia. So... I passed, but not with flying colors. They also told me that I could have the baby anytime between October 5-26 and they won't stop it! Which is super exciting...But scary at the same time! That's like a whole month of time that I could be getting ready that...I'll just have to be ready instead! Oh well, I can't wait! I'm so excited to meet our little girl!!!


sketigal said...

Yay for updating! I love the banana peel shoes, and the little farm animals were so cute! And was the drink flavored? I got a choice: orange, fruit punch, and lemon lime. Did you get that treat? Haha! And that whole month of time is crazy! You could just pop any day! And I swear your little baby countdown thing is fast, I really thought you were somewhere around 100 some days left. Where did those days go?! Oh, and that cinnamon roll looks like it'd kill me, but oh so delicious!

Grandma Nell said...

Such good pix! I thought the cinnamon roll looked good - but then when I saw the pic of Cody holding it - I couldn't BELIEVE how big it was! Amazing! I remember a place in your town that had such good, good cinnamon rolls - maybe it's the same?? And you're so cute! Baby Chloe is growing! It does look like your hands are swollen? True? I hope not! And how can you not take your vitamins? BE SURE TO!! Very important!

Shaylen said...

That was an awsome post. I was entertained the whole way through. :) I am glad that you guys are doing well, let me know if you need help moving or cleaning things. :)

CHMomma said...

i LOVE what not to wear and watch it faithfully! cute shoes!

derek and michelle said...

Yay not much longer! i cant wait to see pictures since i cant see her in person for a while. Let me know when you have your shower!!

erin said...

those are quite the shoes!
i just scrap booked our first apt/home. :)

Amy said...

Ok - I'll so have to do a longer comment later - but those shoes are SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! And so are you my cute pregnant sister!! I love you!

Katie said...

We are totally moving the same weekend! How funny! Seriously, that pic of the river is amazing! I totally want to print it off, blow it up and hang it in my living room! Way way way awesome! I also want to go to one of those shoe parties! I am totally jealous! What girl doesn’t love cute, inexpensive shoes?!!?

Melissa and Marc said...

Basically I am really jealous that you have super cute yellow shoes! I have such fat feet I can't wear cute stuff like that!


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