Monday, January 21, 2008

Our January

I can't believe January is almost over! It's gone by so so so fast. I hope the rest of the semester goes by just as fast! Hopefully I'll soon be saying, "the snow is gone!" Oh man, that'd make me so happy. I actually think I'd be just as happy if they would put ice on the roads...There is probably 3 inches of pure ice on the roads, EVERYWHERE, and for some reason Rexburg doesn't believe in putting salt on the roads. Usually they put gravel down, but they haven't even done that yet...Its frustrating and making me daydream more and more about living somewhere warm... (I found my DREAM house in Arizona. It's BEAUTIFUL. It has 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a huge pool and is 18,000 square feet. It's only 12.5 million....Maybe when we're done with school we can check it out) HA

It was Cody's birthday a couple weeks ago and we had a party for him! It was really fun. Our friends came over and we played x-box (a lot) and a Friends Scene It game (which is so so so fun!) and ate lots of good food. This is when I realized I hadn't taken pictures at all this whole time!!! So basically all the pictures we do have are of people eating... Sorry. We didn't get any pictures of our friends, the Marshalls, and they're cute daughter, Belle, cause they had to leave before we ate cheesecake. But here is everyone else.
This is Jon and Alicia. Jon was Cody's companion on his mission! How exciting. and Susan and Nick. She's 6 months pregnant, and you CAN'T TELL AT ALL!!! It's pretty crazy. They're having a little boy.
Cody's friend from work, Ryan. His wife stayed home with their kids, but Ryan brought the Friends game! It was so fun!
He really liked the cheesecake...
Everyone was so into the xbox!

This past weekend my friends, Polly and Jill, surprised me by coming to visit!!!! I actually knew they were coming, but they lied about the time they'd be here. So instead of having my house spic'n'span and looking cute, I was taking a break from cleaning and had my pj's on! We still had a blast though! On Saturday we went shopping, went to lunch and met up with Lindsay and her TOO CUTE baby, Tyler, and saw 27 Dresses with Izzy from Grey's Anatomy! I was so so so excited and it was so so so cute! I loved it! We also got to go through the Rexburg Temple Open House. When we got there the line was SO long it wrapped around the stake center and instead of watching a movie talking about the temple we just went straight in. We also didn't really get to hang out at any of the places the tour guides explain, like the baptisimal font. But in the sealing room we got to sit down and the tour guides talked and it was really nice. We are so excited for the temple to open and have it be only 2 seconds away!!

I got this cute shirt and jeans (with ginormous belt) at Maurices for less than $20 for the whole thing!!! I think it was like $17.50. So exciting!

Yeah!! We all had so much fun! NAT GEO FOREVER! :)


Grandma Nell said...

Very cute outfit and hair too! And my favorite picture is Cody licking his paper plate! I think his tongue must be longer than mine! I bet he can easily touch the tip of his nose with his tongue! Try it and send out a picture of that! :) Fun party! Aloha!!

Fig said...

So, your mention of Friends games totally gave me a Catheryn chuckle.

She called me once at like 11:00 at night just to ask me a question from Friends Trivia, because she and Steve were playing and they didn't want to look at the back of the card, or something. We hadn't even talked to each other by phone (we always emailed) in like 6 months, and our conversation was like this:

Me: "Hello?"
Catheryn: "Hey! What did Rachel do to Ross's girlfriend at the beach that freaked Ross out?"
Me: "Shaved her head?"
Catheryn: "Yay! Thanks! Bye"

Or something like that. So funny.

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

What a fun party...I wish Lorin knew enough about Friends to play the game with me. :) We could always throw on some Big Comfy Couch & reminisce about old times...ugh...I cannot stomach that girl! Whatever makes Polly happy though...and as a child I would definitely prefer it to watching "the news." Remember how boring "the news" sounded when you were a kid? Not that it's my favorite or anything, but it was the WORST when I was little. :)

April said...

sounds like you guys have so much fun!!! I totally need Friends Scene It, but really we never play with the games we have. Do you have a crimper??? Cute hair!

April said...

a month ago my sitemeter stopped for a few days but it picked right back up on its own. Mine works fine now - yours will probably start working again soon!

james & erin said...

is the temple not beautiful?! i too am sooooo excited for it to open! i already scheduled a session for feb 12. i like your new red shirt too. :)


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