Saturday, January 26, 2008


So maybe I'm too worked up about this, but I'm SO upset about the new Miss America. I just spent 2 hours of my life, not to mention countless hours watching the show, Miss America Reality Check, and it has seriously disappointed me. I watched Miss America Reality Check to get to know the girls of Miss America. To find out who they really are and what they are about. Being a pageant girl myself (ha) I feel it's important to know who the girls are instead of JUST basing them on their looks. (If I hadn't watched the show I might've wanted Miss Utah to win, and we all know that would've been a big mistake.) So I watched it. Faithfully. Religiously. Who did they NEVER feature on the show? The new dang Miss America. Who did I want to win? Who was I SO SURE would win?!?! Miss Indiana. So pretty. So wonderful. In the top 3 almost ALL the time! But no. She was the runner-up. Who did I think WOULD be the runner-up?! Miss Virgina. Was she?! NO! She was 5th. WHO did win?!?! (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Miss Michigan. LAME. When the 4 finalists were standing together, holding hands, I was like, Ok, since both Virgina and Indiana are gone it'll either be Wisconsin (her dress was my FAVORITE!!!) or California. SOOOO pretty. I was like, FOR SURE Michigan won't win because she's the not cutest one.. (Ok, I really said she's the ugliest.) But she looks like a chipmunk! Oh, I'm so upset. Really, truly upset.

America has disappointed me.


james & erin said...

we just watched it tonight and when the last 4 were standing there i was like, "anybody but michigan.. i dont like her hair" OF COURSE, MICHIGAN.

oh and when we were rewinding to watch another part again... we were all like, "DID YOU SEE HER TOOTH?!?!" we paused on it. ok bye. :)

THE SHAWS said...

What a let down...I looked her up and yes, I agree...a chipmunk with a fake tooth no less! Sheesh!


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