Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I forgot..

I forgot something else to complain about...I know, I'm kinda pathetic.

Today at work I was talking to this girl, and she said she was going home for Christmas. I asked when the last time she had been there was, and she said last january. I was like, yeah, I haven't been home for a long time either. I think it's been like a year and a half. Then she said, "Well, you're married..So it's different." I was like.."No, not really..I miss my parents just like you..and my hometown and my friends..just like you..just because I"m married doesn't mean I stop missing those things.." DUH. Then, she leaned into my office and said, "You decorated a lot more for Halloween than you have for Christmas..Do you worship the devil?" I was like, "Como se WHAT?! Are you for real?!" She laughed, said jk, and walked away. OH I was SO MAD! I was also pretty mad because a few weeks ago we were talking about our upcoming schedules and she was like, "I have 16 credits and have to work 3 hours a day!! I am crazy, I don't know WHY I'm doing this." I was like, "Yeah, that is crazy! I have 16 credits too and am working 6 hours a day. You just have to do what you have to do." She was like, "Wow! How do you see anyone?" And THEN said, " Well, you're married so I guess you don't really have to worry about a social life anymore."



Ok, I'm done for real this time.


james & erin said...

hahahahaha except i do agree w/ her JUST a little that it is different going home for christmas when youre married vs. when youre single. only i guess b/c before when i wasnt married my dad would pay for airfare... umm he wouldnt anymore. shucks.

but the social life. ummm yeah, like just b/c youre married you dont need a social life. whaaaaaaaaat????

April said...

Stacey-Remember that this is the WORLD wide web, anyone in the world can read...even that girl at your work...I hope she's not your boss

April said...

That last comment was left by Noah, not April.

Grandma Nell said...

So true Noah! But I think I would start telling people off Suzie!!! No, I'm kidding! Don't do it! But don't let them make you angry either. You can just be you! I wish I knew clever comebacks to people's sarcastic remarks like that - but I'm not good at that! So, just be your sweet self and be happy you're married to a nice person too! Just think about what your Patriarchial Blessing says and start role playing that!!! :)
Love, Mom! And come home anytime - to visit!! :)

Grandma Nell said...

After I read this blog entry again, I decided that the girl that was making you made, is totally jealous of you being married!!! :)


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