Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The '''s are back!!!

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that I figured out what was wrong with our computer. Besides the apostrophes the question marks weren't working and a bunch of other keys. So after almost 3 hours of being so upset, calling Noah and trying to figure out with him how to fix it, spending 30 minutes on the Apple website trying to find the FAQ's, (I never ended up finding them) calling Apple and almost screaming at the recording because they close at 6 and it was 8:30 (I mean can't they stay open 24/7 for really frustrated people with a problem??) and finally, forgoing the hot chocolate I wanted and leaving 20 minutes before Cody's break so I could just sit in the cold in the parking lot waiting for him to come see me JUST so I could get out of the house and not have to look at this dang computer.....I told Cody what happened, and he said he had switched the little American flag at the top of the computer to a Swedish flag....So that's why it was doing that. And if I changed it back to the American flag, it'd be fixed.

So now, I'm sitting here, blogging with apostrophes and question marks and everything...with my hot chocolate in hand.

Chocolate Cinnamon...Yum.

Guess what...DUSTIN'S HOME!!!!!

That's right. Dustin's home and back with Jenna and Zoey and we're all so exicted. I wish I had a picture of their cute family to put on here, but the only thing I could find is a picture of Ryan and Alyssa! And since Ryan and Dustin are twins...you can imagine. We'll have to take some when we go see them for Thanksgiving and put them on here. Anyway, Dustin we love you and we're so so so happy you're finally home!!!

This past weekend Alyssa came up and stayed with us for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!! Well, I guess just 3 since she left Sunday morning, but it was longer than normal and it was SO much fun. She came up Thursday morning and we pretty much just hung out Thursday and Friday. Thursday night we babysat for a couple in my ward, the Marshalls. They have the CUTEST little daughter, Belle. We played with her and, of course, watched Grey's Anatomy. That is our favorite show, and it's SO amazing. It is basically all about sex, drama, and life affairs, as Erin once told me...but I love it and watch it religiously. Since Alyssa will be going home for Thanksgiving, and my birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, we decided that Saturday would be Alyssa's "Stacey's Birthday." I was SO excited. Saturday morning I woke up totally expecting to get loads of phone calls from people wishing me a happy birthday. I had to remind myself a few times that it wasn't my ACTUAL birthday. We started out the day with shopping here in Rexburg at a couple fun stores, Connexions 23 and Agenda Clothing. Agenda Clothing is my new favorite store. We had so much fun there! We had a fashion show and I found my dream coat! For some reason we didn't get a picture of that.

SO FUN! Alyssa bought the cute jacket and I think the sweater. I got a pair of jeans and asked for the super cute coat for my birthday from my parents!

Afterwards we went to the Pita Pit and then to the mall to shop. While we were there we went to Barnes and Noble and Alyssa and I went to Starbucks to read People magazine and drink her yummy vanilla raspberry steamer. While we were reading I found a picture of Ellen Pompeo and a little message underneath...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

She plays Meredith in Grey's Anatomy and is the star of the show, and when we found out that her real birthday was the same day as my fake birthday, we both started crying!!! We were so excited. Cody was a little embarrassed...so he went to look at some other magazines :) After the mall we went to see Stardust, which is SUCH a great movie. We absolutely loved it, and then we went to Chili's for my fake-birthday dinner! It was awesome, and Alyssa has those pictures so I'll put them up later. But I did have chocolate lemonade and it sounds so disgusting, but it was actually really good!!!

So now that I've become the longest blogger of all time, I'm gonna go work out. Taebo, here I come!


james & erin said...

wow you really did do some great blogging! i'm glad you had a fun fake birthday. my birthday is on the 20th and apparently yours is on the 23 so if we were both in rexburg we could have totally had a combined party. oh and did you know ellen pompeo got married?

April said...

phew, I am all out of breath after reading that! I'm glad your puter is fixed, but it did make me laugh to read your comment on my blog and see the funny little dots above the "a".
Love the Pita Pit!

Grandma Nell said...

What a great blog! I loved it! I loved the pictures too! I'm glad you're blogging again too! I have to run to lunch - with Linda Brewster!! Talk to you soon!
Love, Mom

Amy said...

You are so hilarious and I'm glad you're blogging again because I check everyday and am so sad when you're not around! Can't wait til your real birthday! Love you!

April said...

so you should have this girl : http://www.hotcocohair.blogspot.com/
do your hair in rexburg; because she's cool and pretty and she works there.

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

that's so great that Cody lets you take pictures of him. There is no way Lorin would go shopping with me & a friend...or let us take pictures. boring!

Alyssa said...

haha I think it's funny that you put up a picture of Ryan in place of Dustin. And we don't look like we really want to be friends. Ha. I love all our pictures though. Fun blog and fun weekend!


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