Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas is a'coming!

So today we all got an email that said we're doing a Christmas exchange and we were all given names of the siblings. I have Seth, Cody has Amy, Noah has me, and April has Cody. So. Seth and Amy. You should email me or comment some ideas of things you'd like. For example. Cody really wants a track jacket or zip-up hoodie. Also good, Transformers...and that's all I know right now because we aren't getting each other Christmas presents and his birthday isn't until January. I have a whole long list because my birthday is coming up. Noah, here it is.
-Top Gun
-iPod Nano
-A Puppy
-A watch (this one could be dangerous...I'd make sure to take April with you if you went with that idea)
-A new car
-Any Michael Buble cd's
-An acoustic guitar
-Grey's Anatomy seasons 2-3
-Friends seasons 3-10
-Harry Potter 2 and 3
-Temple dress/temple clothes
-High School Musical 2
-Soundtrack to High School Musical 2
-Scrapbooking stuff
-Laguna Bootcut jeans from PacSun size 5
-Really cute beany and gloves (matching, brown) from Maurices.

The End. That is my birthday/Christmas list. Not as long as former years...but well thought out and planned since July, although added to.

Oh, April. I almost forgot-I just checked out that girls blog and she looks so good! I would love to go to her but it doesn't ever say where she works. I'll have to email her and check it out cause I think I'd let her do anything to my hair!

Here are a few more pics from the "Happy Birthday Stacey and Meredith!!!" Celebration.

Alyssa during the fashion show...We call this...Derelik!

The Famous Chocolate Lemonade!!!

So...this is not the hat I want for my Birthday from Maurices....This is an ugly one from American Eagle

And the presents began!!!

SOOOO excited to get to spend my whole day with my favorite people...Cody, Alyssa, and the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital. Happy Birthday, Stacey and Meredith

AND I have a special treat for all of you!!! You get to see JUST HOW LONG Cody's hair ACTUAL is!!!

Like woah


April said...

aaaahhhhhhhh! I soooo needed the pigtail pics for my cody post. Dang it. What's with the tongue?

April said...

oh, harry potter movie or books?

james & erin said...

i dont think james would ever let me do that to his hair in his entire lifetime.

p.s. thats quite the wish list

Amy said...

What blog about hair? I need my hair cut bad - is she down here??

Awesome list by the way -- and awesome Cody. He was so made for you!


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