Thursday, September 24, 2015

Family Update

Cody: is still working his cute little tush off. I don't know if he ever stops. He is in charge of the Deacons at church, up at 5:15 for work everyday, home at 5 to take care of the girls when I have voice lessons or need help because I'm so exhausted from my day (which is everyday, I swear). He is currently building me an entertainment center from scratch and about 50% done after working on it for one day (it was a lonnnng day of working on it, but still. One day.) He taught the girls how to dive this summer and loves being in the pool with them.

Stacey: is putting my much loved planner to good use. I feel like I have a million +1 things to do everyday and am constantly thinking, " I should blog about that..." but never find the time to actually do it. Trying to balance 4 kids, 2 in school, 1 in preschool, being the primary chorister, on the PTA board, room mom for first grade and kindergarten, having to decorate the bulletin board, keep up with the house, appointments for everyone all the time (doctor, dentist, hair, car, dog, etc)...It's kind of exhausting. I've been trying to eat "cleaner" which means our whole family is eating cleaner and I'm really enjoying it so far. I also started crossfit up again recently and my love for it has not gone away! I still kind of hate all things cardio (the first time I did a 1000m row and after the 7 min it took thought, wow! Ok, great workout...see y'all later...too bad I had 53 minutes left!), but lifting is so good for me. Really, doing any of it is just super empowering and therapeutic. Even though my body doesn't look any different yet, I feel more confident about it already because it can do hard things. And while I'm trying to do those hard things (like 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and sit-ups), I literally am telling myself, "I pushed 4 babies out of my vagina. I am hardcore. Don't stop." TMI? Sorry.

Chloe: In first grade and loving it! She loves her teacher, is making new friends, and feels more confident. She still says every Sunday night that she doesn't want to go to school on Monday, but once she gets back into the routine, she's happy. She is playing soccer, taking piano lessons and just started gymnastics. Her coach said (About her and Preslie) that she's very talented, that she takes direction extremely well and is focused and does exactly what the coach says. She said both she and Preslie should be moved up to the competition team within a month. She just started playing the drums and is loving that! She also just lost her first tooth and the second is on it's way out! We're working on standing up for herself and telling people what and how she thinks. She is becoming much more brave and said she saw a girl by herself on the playground and Chloe asked her to play with her and her friends, and I was so proud. She is very sensitive and has a hard time when people around her make choices she doesn't agree with. She's told me a lot of times that people in her class say "Oh my..." So we talked about what you can do in that situation. I told her that if someone is doing something she's uncomfortable with, she can always tell them she doesn't like when they do or say X and see what they say. I told her that by standing up for herself in that way, it just might make the other person more aware of what their doing and help them to make a better choice. She said today that a girl in her class kept saying it, and she said, "I was just about to tell her I don't like when she says that, but I was really scared. So I told myself I would say it the next time she said it, and then she didn't ever say it again." :)

Preslie: is in Kindergarten and loving it...kinda. I think she loves it while she's there, but I thought she'd have a lot easier time than she is so I was a little surprised. She says when she goes in the morning she's sad because she misses me, and I honestly thought she'd be all, "peace out." and be sad to come home, but it's been opposite. However, when she does come home we have about 30-45 minutes of straight heck breaking loose - I think she is so reserved at school and holds a lot of things in - which isn't like her at all...So when she gets home and feels comfortable, it's easy to just have a huge release and we all need to work on that together a little bit more. She also is in soccer, piano and gymnastics. Preslie is really, honestly, talented at pretty much everything she tries. She picks things up really fast and her piano teacher especially was telling me about how impressed she was with her piano talent. She had one song that spanned two pages in her piano book (just one note at a time, easy songs) and Preslie said, "This song takes too long to play both pages one at a time. I'm going to play it at the same time." She played both left and right hand at the same time (not the same notes) and did the whole thing perfectly. Her teacher said, "She definitely shouldn't be able to do that yet!" She also just started playing the guitar and is picking it up super fast.

Charlotte: started preschool and I wish it was more than once a week! She LOVES preschool (once a week for 2 hours) and her little friends there and her amazing teacher. She loves having a space to herself. She adores Maggie and is such a cute little mommy to her. She turns her "baby voice" on as soon as she sees her, and always wants to hold her, see her and hug her. I love having Charlee home with me during the day - she is the perfect little sidekick, always says the funniest things and wants to be a helper (sometimes). Most of the time, she thinks she can't do anything and wants everything done for her. She is constantly saying, "I can't," which is one of my biggest pet peeves and then she gets in big trouble :) The other day we were walking through Target, and all of a sudden she said, "St. Thomas! And another St. Thomas! Another St. Thomas!" I was so confused and asked what she saw and she pointed to Thomas the Tank Engine. I was cracking up :) I also see SO much of Preslie with her. She follows everything Preslie does and has all her expressions and mannerisms down to a T.

Maggie: just went to the dr today - her stats: 25 inches long - 71%, 42.4 cm - 91%, 15.3 lbs - 69% She is definitely our biggest baby and I love it! Her hair is starting to look more and more red and I can't wait until it gets longer and we see its true color. She is a master roller from her back to her front and has rolled front to back a couple times, but not as often. A lot of times she just gets stuck on her tummy and cries :) She has dimples on both cheeks - not super obvious, but getting more obvious every day. She loves being held and wants to be held all the time, which I'm mostly ok with, except for all the millions of things I need to be doing ;) She drinks 5 oz of formula at every feeding - about every 3 hours, and wakes up once at night and only for a few minutes and then is back to sleep. She loves eating her hands and fingers and also her binky - but she doesn't care about it as much as her sisters did.

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Karen Peterson said...

I'm glad you're all doing so well. Your girls are just so gorgeous and amazing. But, of course, they have good genes!


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