Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Orleans Day 5

Our final day in New Orleans started around 4:30 am when we got ready to head back to the airport. When we got onto the shuttle that was taking us to the airport, we realized our flight had been delayed again until 10:30. Which meant we were going to be about 4 hours early when we could be sleeping. Cody called American Airlines to see if they had anything earlier, and they told him they had actually canceled our flight and we weren't scheduled to leave until 12:30! Luckily the nice lady got us on the 10:30 flight, but we also had to change Tami's tickets because she was also supposed to leave that morning 10:30. We could've found someone else to watch the kids while she went to the airport, but there wasn't really a safe way to get our car back - parking it without locking it and leaving the keys under the seat? No, thanks. I don't need a stolen car on top of our crazy trip home.

After sitting in the airport for hours we finally got on our flight (in first class!) and headed home. I was excited to have first class seats only because they were so much more comfy than any of the other seats. We didn't get anything special since the flight was only like an hour long, but my bum was honestly so sore from those airport seats and it was nice to have some extra cushion!!

We made it back to the airport and were greeted by Tami, Charlee and Preslie (Chloe was in school), and Preslie's fever. That started our month-long-family-sharing-illness. Charlee had pink eye (that same day - I took her to urgent care where I waited forEVER to see a doctor. Finally the dr came in when I was putting Charlee's coat on her to leave because I couldn't handle it anymore. I could see her on her computer for so, so long and I'm sure everything she was doing was important and fantastic and world-saving. But I felt like it was rude. Anyway.)

Charlee had pink eye, Preslie had a fever (for a week) and pink eye, we all had colds, and the girls were throwing up from coughing so hard. I went to the dr 5 times in a week.

However. New Orleans was amazing. We had a blast and when we got home I was wishing I could go back!! Thank you, Tami, for coming to stay with our girls so we didn't have to worry about them at ALL while we were away! You're the best!

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Ugh! A month of illness is no bueno! But I'm so glad you had a great trip, even if the traveling home wasn't very smooth.


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