Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had such a fun Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to a community Easter egg hunt at a local church. It was so fun! They had 3 different hunts for different age groups, two bounce houses (again, for different age groups, which was SOOOO nice! No big kids were going crazy bouncing all the little kids), snow cone trucks, with free snow cones for kids, a tattoo station (which we skipped), and other stations that had free water bottles and more. It was so fun. We got there right when it started, and there was already a ton of people there. We had about 30 minutes before the egg hunts started, so we went and saw the Easter bunny.
I knew Charlotte would hate this, but I really wanted a picture of her screaming and the Easter bunny holding her. In my mind, the big girls would be sitting nicely beside her, but I think this was cuter :) The bunny is "looking" at me (where I ran away to) like - seriously lady?? Don't worry, I grabbed her one second later. 

I kind of couldn't believe the girls did this so nicely. Last year they were all ---
Preslie isn't even in the picture because she's hiding behind me. But this year, they're BFF's! And look at Chloe with such a nervous look! Not anymore! They're growing up.

This was in front of the youngest hunt space. (3 and younger) Usually they just throw eggs everywhere on the ground but here they had grown spots of grass taller so at least a few were "hidden." Charlotte hated grabbing them in that grass, though, but she still got a lot of eggs! (You can see the 4-6 age field next to us. They didn't mow that grass at all so the kids had to actually search for the eggs!)

She totally loved grabbing them and putting them in her basket. She even tried taking off with the giant decorative eggs.

When the girls were about to start their race (4-6) they were so nervous and excited! They were holding hands the whole time and then took off together. It was adorable. Preslie was chasing after Chloe the whole time (which I was surprised by - usually Preslie takes the lead) and Chloe was showing her all the spots to find more eggs. After awhile Chloe would just go grab some and bring them back and put them in Preslie's basket for her. They're such sweet sisters! 

                                                                         Their Loot!

After doing the egg hunts, they were thirsty, so we went and got snow cones! I think this is their first snow cone ever. They totally LOVED them. Obviously. What kid wouldn't?? It was especially nice for me and Cody because even Charlotte got a free one…which meant we got a free one! Woohoo! (I'm so sad for the day that all my kids realize I take their goodies)

This picture is so funny! Her face kills me! Cody took it right when her snow cone was spilling and she was trying to save it. 

The next day, Sunday, we did the "normal" Easter activities - had our baskets, got new Easter dresses, went to church, and had Easter dinner. We took a bunch of pictures after church in the girls new dresses, but pretty much none of them worked. It was so bright out, and Chloe pretty much can't ever handle even a barely bright sky, so she's squinting in all of them. I always tell her it's fine and not that bright, but then Cody and I tried taking some of ourselves and it WAS really bright! I was squinting or blinking in almost all of them! 
Charlotte was NOT having it. She didn't want to take pictures at all, so this was the only way we got her to sit for a second!

Easter Outtakes :)

We tried them on the porch so it was darker, but the problem was, it was darker.

Squinty girls!

She absolutely refused to look at the camera, so I thought I would sit with her and then she'd cooperate...
Oh well. Happy Easter, Friends!

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Karen M. Peterson said...

That sounds like a perfect Easter. I can't believe how big your girls are getting!


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