Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Date Night!!

The last time Cody and I had a date was in the fall of 2013. Seeing as it's been two seasons since then, we figured it was high time we had another!!

After moving here, it was hard to find a babysitter, but we found a great young woman who the girls totally love. It's always tough to go from friend-swap babysitters to paying babysitters, but I'd do it every week if it meant I could go on a date with Cody! Now I just feel like I need to find a lot of different girls so I'm not making one miss her Friday nights each week!

Only in Texas will you find giant American Flags painted onto buildings. 

A few weeks ago Cody and I saw a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives nearby and knew we had to check it out. It's called Twisted Root Burger and is a fun little family burger joint that had flavored root beer (ummm yum I lovvvvvve root beer!!) I had the Frito Bandito which has chili, cheddar cheese, Fritos and guacamole. Cody had a buffalo meat burger with BBQ sauce and blue cheese called Wing Style. The only flavor of root beer they had that night was pistachio which was actually pretty good!!

After we ate, we walked around Deep Ellum which is a part of downtown dallas with some fun (read weird) shops and lots of dinner places but no dessert places. (There were a lot of sex toy stores. Why the need for so many in such a small area, eh, Dallas?) (and also, maybe we could switch some of those stores to bakeries and people wouldn't need all the weird toys. Comfort food, people. Come on.)

Deep Ellum has all these cool graffiti buildings everywhere. 
Finally we found some dessert! :) It was a tiny little cookie store where they had ice cream cookie sandwiches for only $2.50! I was excited our date was turning out so inexpensive, until… We crossed the street and a homeless man asked me, "Where's my cookie?" I just kind of smiled and kept going. I am all for helping out those that need it, but I don't really believe in begging as who knows where that money goes/I feel like they probably all make more money than me… (I know, I know, so not PC. Whatevs.) Also, we can't afford to go give all our money away. It's not that I don't want to (at least not all the time…I have, and do occasionally, give money to people when I feel it could be beneficial)

He ran after us and started showing us his arms (no track marks) and telling us he's starving and needs some food. Cody said he would buy him a sandwich at Subway. At that point, I'm thinking, Ok, that's pretty fast, and should only cost like $6. But Subway was closed. So I ask him, semi-jokingly, if he wants a cookie. (Since they're only $2.50!) He just laughed and says, "There's a Willy's Chicken." I have no idea what Willys Chicken is, but we walked a block to get there. I was looking at the menu, thinking, ok, things here are a little bit pricy (I order off the dollar menu…) but it's not like he's going to order himself dessert or anything.

He ordered a full on fish dinner. And two apple pies.

Maybe I've always been anti-giving lots for dinner to beggars? I remember when I was a senior in high school, I went to Wendy's with my friends and this guy asked if I'd buy him a sandwich. I said yes, (since again, I order off the $1 menu…I figured he would, too.) He started saying to order him a whole meal, plus a frosty. Whaaaa??? No. I ordered him a JBC just like me.

Anyway. Cody was very nice to the guy and this makes me sound like a snobby, anti-helping Republican, but I'm not. I promise. I just am not made of money.

We eventually walked to the Dealey Plaza which is the spot where JFK was shot. I was freaking out! I have seen so many videos of that day and the building, the street and grassy knoll. I couldn't believe I was actually there! We also saw the first American Post Office. It was this cute little log cabin.

We made our way home (but not before stopping at Kroger and buying some donuts for the girls in the morning. We bribed them that if they went to bed good for the babysitter, we'd have donuts for breakfast.) and all was well! The babysitter said Charlotte whined a little bit, but the next day Chloe said she was "screaming and screaming and never stopped." Haha I don't know who to believe. I'm guessing it was some of both.

Here's to many more date nights!


Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go on a date. I can't believe it's been so long. Sounds like a great night.

Seriously, I understand that people are hungry and all, but I can't imagine twisting someone's arm into buying a big expensive meal. That's just crazy.

I don't usually give to panhandlers, but that's because I donate all the time in other ways. It still makes me feel like I'm being mean, though.

Stacey said...

Hahaha, its called Williams Chicken. But I guess you can call it Willys for short.

Stacey said...

Karen, you're so right! I should've said that, too. I donate a lot to charity, and to ones I know will use that money wisely. Makes me feel better than just giving out, and having no idea what they'll do with it.


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