Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Month Baby

Today Charlotte is 2 months old. Two whole months. I know people say they love the newborn stage, when they really are wishing for the days of uninterrupted sleep, no more spit up and no more constant crying.

I really, really love the newborn stage. I feel like I'm appreciating it this time around more than I ever have. I love it so much, I was emotional when I changed Charlee out of her last newborn size diaper and put her into size 1. I love nursing her in the middle of the night, and the fact that we both need each other so much. She is still a champion at everything - sleeping, eating, pooping, the list goes on and on.

I love this stage with Charlee so much, it's easy to me to overlook my other girls, and think that they're so big they don't really need me for a lot anymore. Yes, of course they need me for love, compassion, to teach them about this big world we live in. But they don't need me to entertain or actually take care of them every second of the day like it sometimes seems a newborn does.

Tonight, in the midst of our bedtime routine, I realized that my big girls aren't really that big after all.
After bath time, brushing teeth and hair, Preslie put her arm on my shoulder and I caught a glimpse of her hands in the mirror. She still has baby dimples on her hands. Her chubby, little baby hands still have little dimples where someday her big, adult knuckles will go. But not yet, because today she's still just a little girl. 

So even though I'm absolutely loving this stage with Charlotte, and I truly do wish time could stop and I could soak in every second of be able to kiss her anytime I want (something I definitely do not get to do with Preslie anymore), and smelling her sweet little head and snuggling her cheeks against mine, I am loving my big-little girls and how sweet, helpful, funny, and wonderful they are, as well!


The Story of us said...

So sweet. I loved holding her today. I'm so glad you are getting to really appreciate this stage. It really is so special.

Beema said...

I totally posted on here this early morning, but for some reason it didn't go. :( Anyway, I am so happy you get to be a stay-at-home mommy to your wonderful little baby girls. All three of them are delightful little spirits embodied in beautiful bodies and precious minds. They are a delight and so loved by all our families. You are a terrific mommy and have a wonderful daddy for these sweet little girls. Congratulations! I am so glad you see that each day is precious and that you get to enjoy it with your growing little ones! I love them!

tiff snedaker said...

It seems to go so fast! It's really hard to savor the moments sometimes. Chandler will still hold my hand in public, kiss me and wants me to lay with him at night. I know that at 7, there's going to be a day soon when he won't want that. Enjoy that newborn stage. :)

Carlee Ann said...

She is SOOO cute! Hope you don't mind I'm going to start blog stalking you! :)

Karen Peterson said...

Your girls are all so precious. So sweet and full of their own personalities.

I just wish they'd stop growing up so fast!

derek and michelle said...

She is darling!!! I cannot believe you have 3 girls! I remember when I saw you and you told me you were prego with Preslie! time flys


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