Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Explanation for my Birth Story

Today I posted my birth story.

It's suuuuuuuper long.

And suuuuuuuper detailed.

I'm not apologizing for it. I don't feel a need to say sorry to people who may or may not be reading my blog for things that I want to remember and have with me forever.

That maybe sounds mean and now I will sound meaner - read it or don't. It's up to you. But don't blame me when you spend an hour reading this birth story. And don't say, "wow! that was long!" because I already know that. I took like 2 weeks writing the whole thing. I know it's long and will take a long time to read, and I also know it doesn't even have any pictures to make things easier. Bummer dude.

I would say sorry, but I'm trying to do this thing in my life where I don't apologize for things that I don't feel aren't necessary to apologize about. Like when someone comes over unexpectedly, I usually say, "I'm so sorry my house is a mess!" Really I am just sorry they are seeing it like that because they came over without telling me. So no, I'm not really sorry it's a mess, I'm more sorry you're just seeing it and now judging me.

So. now that you all think I'm a jerk (I"m not trying to be...but I know I'm coming across as one), have fun with the birth story. Or don't.



Amy said...

YAY for not apologizing for things that you don't need to. I stopped apologizing for a messy house a few years ago. Since then I've had a few people drop by and comment about it being messy. I just say yup, I've got 3 kids and we're home all day it happens.

Beema said...

So where's the birth story?? I want to read it!

whitni said...

I will be honest... I usually just scroll through birth stories when they pop-up in my google reader (and I have no apologies for that!), but I read yours and I loved it! I love how real you make things sound. Congrats on the new baby. Your family is beautiful!

Karen Peterson said...

Good for you! There's nothing to apologize for!

And I never judge you for the state of your house. Ever.


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