Friday, December 7, 2012

When I was pregnant with both Chloe and Preslie, I delivered two days before my due date. Yes, yes, I was augmented with Chloe and completely induced with Preslie, but it was still two days before my due date both times.

In this pregnancy, that would be today.

I'm due Sunday, the 9th. I wish I could say I think today is the day, but I'm pretty sure it's not. This little girl is loving hanging out in there and doesn't want anything to do with us just yet.

I thought for sure this past Monday, the 3rd was the day. The whole weekend I had been feeling yucky and Sunday I went home from church early and took a nap. I thought my body was telling myself to relax and get some rest so I wouldn't be too exhausted for when the baby came - and she was coming soon. Then Monday morning I felt terrible. I was in a lot of pain and felt like I was having severe cramps. It wasn't fun. I even texted my doula so she'd be on call. I had a doctor appointment at 10, so I told her I was going to go and see what he said and I'd let her know.

By the time I got to the Dr, all the crampiness and pain was gone. I felt fine. And guess what - I'm still dilated the very same as I have been this whole time (which is basically not at all)

The rest of the week I've felt great. I'm getting more uncomfortable, but I have a baby inside me. That's kind of to be expected. I have another doctor appointment this Monday and I think I'll be going to it. I kept saying at the beginning of this pregnancy that I hoped the baby would be a week or so late because she's due a week before finals week. Now I am thinking she heard me and just wants to listen to her mom. What a sweet girl.

My mom is coming tomorrow and will be here for 8 days! I'm so excited! Honestly I'm kind of excited I don't have a baby yet because I want to do "fun" stuff with her here that would be kind of impossible with a brand new baby. But I'm also hoping that she doesn't come and go before the baby gets here because that would be so disappointing. And not so helpful when I'm in the hospital and the girls are home alone.

(No, I wouldn't leave my girls home alone. We have plans for the girls in case Cody or my mom aren't here. Cody's family is wonderful and has offered to help out/stay with them as soon as they can - they live a couple hours away- and we also have amazing friends that live close by that we will be calling if we need them. )

So, after all this...Who wants to take a guess as to when I'll deliver? Basically no one has any idea, so if you get it right, you'll win the amazing satisfaction that you should be the next Ms. Cleo. If you really want to be crazy, you can guess time and weight and all that good stuff, but you don't have to get carried away if you don't want to.

Here's some tips/hints for all you guessers.
 -I am hardly dilated
 -I have been having contractions since about 4 months along. They come all the time and sometimes I can have at least 6 within 20 minutes. They're not doing anything, I tell ya.
 -Chloe was 6 lb. 10 oz. and born 2 days early (as we've established and also established that doesn't mean anything because her birth was augmented)
 -Preslie was 7 lb. 13 oz. and born 2 days early (as we've established and also established that doesn't mean anything because her birth was induced.)
 -The baby is head down and last time the dr said she was still "floating" - but he also just kind of said that in passing so it may or may not be a hint/tip.
 -The dr also asked if I wanted any intervention to speed things up. I told him no and he said I could go until 41 weeks - at that point they would start doing stress testing to make sure the baby is ok. So I'm pretty sure I could even go past 41 weeks if I really wanted to. (Which I would if the baby was fine because I really don't want any interventions.)

So now that you know I have basically no tips/hints and can't help you at all, take a guess! Maybe you'll be right and end up with your very own psychic hotline and super hot Jamaican accent. And headdress. Can't forget the headdress.


Doug and Alyssa said...

My guess is December 19th. I think she'll be 8 lbs, 2 oz. when I was a week overdue I didn't feel good and I felt like I should not be pregnant anymore. Then warren failed his stress test and I was induced. Since you still feel okay I think she'll just be a little late and you won't have to be induced this time. I can't wait to see what she looks like!

Beema said...

How cool would that be if she was born on Preslie's birthday? But I'll be gone by then, so it wouldn't be cool for me! So being that I will be there next week, I guess she'll be born on Dec. 14, and then I'll stay a few extra days! :)

Karen Peterson said...

Wednesday. 12/12/12.

Ash Kelley said...

12/17/12 at 5:35
And she'll be soooo beautiful just like her momma and big sisters


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