Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Great 2011 Update: October

Technically, this happened in September, but I was way too proud of myself to not post a picture - 
I gave Cody a haircut. 
My very first time. 
I didn't even use clippers. 
Only scissors. 

It wasn't perfect, but I was proud of it for my first time!!

On to October...

We played in the park

Amy came to visit (again!!!!)
It started with me waiting at the airport....Forever.
It was SO foggy her 7:30 landing time was delayed.

Then my car battery died.

I asked this guy to help me
Afterwards he asked me to write him a good review on travelocity, but I never figured out how to do I never did. Sorry, Mickey. I'd ride on your shuttle.

I waited for about 3 hours in that little parking lot until I got this message - 
So then I started driving to Ontario (an hour-ish away)

 I told Cody, and this is what he said...
Not true. After getting on the freeway and driving about 5 minutes towards Ontario, Amy called me and said to come back. They ended up landing in Long Beach about 11:40. Stupid fog.

We bought passes to DISNEYLAND!
Yes, including Amy!

Preslie was SO excited to see the characters. She made a face just like Amy's but we missed it with the camera

Learning the sad lesson of having to stand in line and not getting as many turns as you want

I took the girls to Dis all by myself and no one was killed or kidnapped

We met the princesses and the girls weren't very impressed or excited. Mostly just scared.

Even more scared to meet Mickey

Chloe took this picture!

Chloe turned THREE!!

She got a bunch of great presents from her aunts, uncles, and grandparents!

She also got this awesome Pink Radio Flyer from her Beema and Papa!

Grandma got to be here and the girls were in heaven!
 (Papa - Dirk-, Amy, Austin and Sara were also here and the girls loooved all the attention!)
 She loved her castle cake, even though I wasn't such a huge fan :) I'll keep getting better, I hope!

Yummmm marshmallows!!!

The girls played on Daddy

We had a Halloween Party
Preslie was an owl 
Chloe was Rapunzel (we took this later when we realized we didnt' really have any pictures of her in her costume)

Cody and I were Popeye and Olive Oyl
I made all our costumes except Chloe's 

The girls went trick'r'treating with their friend, Shye

October was pretty busy, but super fun!!


Ash Kelley said...

I love all your commentary on the pictures! You're so funny! You are also majorly skilled, I mean Look at those costumes, They are awesome! You are awesome!!

jonandalicia said...

Good job on the hair cut! I cut Jons with clippers, but there is no way I would try it with scissors. I am way too chicken!
I love the pics of the girls at the park, they are so photogenic! Too cute! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!


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