Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I love, love, love Farmer's Markets. I loved them more when I didn't have a giant "I don't believe in turning" stroller to push around, but I still love them. I've gone to a ton...but never bought anything. I have dreams about carrying a big tote bag full of sunflowers and fresh fruit and veggies spilling out the top, but I never took the plunge and actually got anything. 

Until a few weeks ago. The girls and I went to the Irvine Farmer's Market. It was fantastic, except for the stroller that hates me. And apparently a lot of other people and stands that it crashed into. 

This time we left with our bellies full from free samples (I always feel bad taking a free sample and not buying anything...but I'm obviously getting over it.), and a full box of strawberries. 

I bought them for my Bachelorette party, but that was 2 days away and I was worried they wouldn't last that long, so when we got home (and in the parking lot of the Farmer's Market) I let the girls have some. (Sorry for the no-shirt pictures. I didn't want strawberry juice all over their clothes)

Really, I just let them eat as many as they wanted. They loved it! 


Shaylen said...
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Shaylen said...

Yummmm! I love strawberries, they are my favorite fruit other than nectarines...bananas...apples.. ha :)

Beema said...

What a great tan Chloe has on her arms!!! :) The strawberry girls are so cute! and the Strawberries look delicious!


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