Monday, March 7, 2011

2 Going on 20

Ok, maybe not 20...But definitely 16. 

This morning during Preslie's nap, I asked Chloe if we should curl her hair. When we were done I asked if she wanted to do makeup. What girl would say no?

Her pretty princess hair

I  kind of can't stop looking at her. Like this little girl has become a young woman within minutes and I don't know what happened. I know it will all wash off tonight and she will once again be my little baby (even though she tells me I can't call her that anymore because she's a "Big Girl."), but it's weird looking into the future like this. Of course, as soon as she opens her mouth and says, "Sum mo fut nacks, pease!" I remember. She is my little girl and will always be my baby!!! No amount of makeup will change that! 

ps I know this is a bad picture with the lighting and the big shadow...But look at those eyes! What a pretty girl!


Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

stacey your girls are so cute! and i agree she does look grown up with makeup :) so cute

jonandalicia said...

Awww, she is so pretty!

Shaylen said...

She is so beautiful! :D

Beema said...

I totally love LOVE these pictures of Chloe! Looking at that laughing smile, just cracks me up. She is so beautiful! And then to read, sum mo fut nacs pease - so so so cute! She is still that sweet little wonken!


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