Thursday, February 17, 2011

One More for Valentine's Day

This year I didn't think much about Valentine's Day. I had asked Cody if we were going to be giving gifts and he said no, in a way that was like-why would we even do that? Which I was totally ok with because I couldn't really think of anything cool anyway.

I decided he needed to have SOMETHING, so I ordered some pictures of our family and some of just me, 4x6 and wallet size, for him to take with him when he goes on business trips. I also got him some licorice. I thought about making him a big basket of goodies, but Valentine's Day is like right after resolution time...(Also, Girl Scout Cookie time is right after resolution time. Why would they do this? Why don't they do it in like August? Every time I go to the store I have to exit as far away from the girl scouts as possible because I may or may not have been very tempted to spend $20-50 on cookies. Who does that?!?!)


On Valentine's Day I was getting ready for the day when I decided to use the full-body mirror to do my makeup in instead of the regular mirror. I never do that. When I took it off, I saw a heart taped on the back of it!!! I looked at it and realized, Cody had made me a Valentine's Scavenger Hunt! I was SO excited, but I didn't think that was the first clue, so I decided to wait and ask him about it. He was already at work, so I texted him and he called me about 5 minutes later, wanting to know if I had done anything and kinda freaking out that I ruined the surprise. After I told him I hadn't done anything and hadn't gone looking for any more clues, he told me where the first clue was. I was SO excited!!!

On the back on this super sweet, very wonderful letter to me was my first clue.
I could not stop laughing when I read this! Yes, I am glad no one farted at our wedding :) 
That clue led me here, a picture of the San Diego Temple.

See the clue on the back??

A couple weeks ago we made some new art for our apartment. Like the green birds?

Another clue!!!

Here's the clue I found first on the back of the mirror

Cody's beloved RC car :)

Ok, so apparently I didn't take a picture of what this clue said, but it led me to the clock in the kitchen...which doesn't work. (Which was part of the clue.)

My favorite book is The Giver! I know it's like 4th grade reading level...But I love it.

I couldn't find this clue for a long time...I actually thought he didn't remember my favorite book and started looking in all the Harry Potter books. He told me to just keep looking and then I found it lodged in the pages!

On the back of the clue...

I ran to his bottom drawer, and guess what I found!!! Oh, Hello, Mrs. See. Nice to finally be with you again. Not only was it See's, but when I opened it, it was my three favorite kinds. Over and over and over. So I wouldn't have to deal with the biting in and discovering you don't like it. I got chocolate buttercream, the thin caramels, and bordeaux. YUMMMM.

Yeah, there might be some missing. I won't tell you what time it was when I took this picture. Don't judge. 

What a perfect Valentine's day surprise. It was WONDERFUL and I loved every second. I love you, Cody! You're the best husband EVER!!!


erin said...

how sweet, and i love your new art!

jonandalicia said...

That is so awesome! It looks like you had an amazing Valentine's Day! By the way, I always read your whole blog posts every time! hahaha, i know that I am a dork, but i like to read them cause it makes me feel closer to you guys! haha, ok that sounded a little gaggie (sp?)!

Elizabeth said...

That is so fun! I love it :) You two are adorable!!

Beema said...

That was so awesome!! He is so great to you! And who buys $20 - $50 of GS Cookies? I do - cuz I have to send some to you! Duh! But that's not happening this year! You'll have to buy your own! What a very cute Valentine's Day post!


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