Monday, March 22, 2010


Last night, Cody and I watched "Life" on the Discovery Channel. Besides being distracted by Oprah mispronouncing things, it was awesome!!! I loved watching all the different animals (so did Chloe) and the ways they do things.

The whole time while we were watching I just kept thinking about how amazing Heavenly Father is. All of these animals know exactly what to do to take care of their babies, protect their lives, and find food. It's incredible!

There was an octopus that would lay hundreds of thousands of eggs, not eat for 6 months so she could stay by them, blow water towards the eggs when they're hatching so the babies can come out easier, and then after they hatch, she dies. How insane is that?! She's just an octopus-but she selflessly gives her life to protect her eggs! She just hangs out for SIX months without eating, to make sure they're protected. Heavenly Father is amazing.

They said most lizards abandon their eggs once they lay them, but not horned toad lizards. They stay with them to protect them from snakes. And there's one snake that eats the lizards-not the eggs. But when it comes around the lizards, they puff themselves up to make themselves look to scaly and rough to swallow. And then they go completely limp and go belly up! The snakes don't know what to do and they just leave.

There are frogs that are an inch long that carry their tadpoles up trees 100 ft tall and place the tadpoles, one by one, in pools of water that collect in leaves.
The tadpoles eat the alge and mosquito bugs that are in the water. But the frogs know they can't just eat that, so she lays an unfertilized egg in the water for the tadpole to eat. And she comes back every few days to lay another one! In EACH of the pools of water for EACH of her tadpoles.

How do they know to do this?!?! It's just so incredible! Heavenly Father is SO amazing and SO smart. Seriously. So, so, so amazing.


erin said...

i'm sorry i missed this! i love these kinds of shows. i used to watch most extreme ALL THE TIME.

Lindsey said...

i thought i was the only one that noticed how very annoyingly oprah said 'ecosystem' among others....sigh. I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! A few years ago they had a series exactly like this called Planet Earth. It was equally amazing...gosh I love seeing this in HD and slow motion.

Gena said...

We watched this too, and I couldn't help but think the same thing. It's amazing the natural tendencies they just have to take care of their babies and reproduce! I am amazed at the camera shots they can get. It's so cool to see these things!


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