Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Blanket for Mom

When my sister, Catheryn, died, I got most of her clothes. She had a lot of t-shirts that I recieved.

When Cody and I were dating, I basically only wore t-shirts. I loved them and thought they looked so cute. Apparently, he didn't think the same thing! He told me that he didn't know any girls that only wore t-shirts and I should dress up more. Too bad I didn't have anything to wear! I went and spent a LOT of money (remember, we were dating, so I was really trying to impress him.) So by the time I got all of Catheryn's shirts, I didn't wear t-shirts that often anymore. I still wore them occasionally, and to sleep in or work out in, but not very often. They took up permanent residence under my bed.

Early in 2009, I talked to my sister, Amy, about making a quilt for my mom for Christmas, using Catheryn's shirts. My mom is the Quilting Queen-seriously, A.MAZ.ING. at quilting. She's won like a bajillion first places.- and has made lots of t-shirt quilts for people. We wanted to make one for her out of the shirts. We really didn't want to get rid of them, and their home under my bed was just sad. We thought this was the perfect choice.

I gave Amy the job of making the quilt since I was in Idaho and had no idea how to even begin a job like this. She had more friends that could help her and I would be great at giving support. However, Amy is a very busy lady!!! By October, we hadn't made any progress. However I really needed a new project, so it was perfect! Also very luckily, by then I was living with Cody's mom (Who is a sewing machine! Also seriously amazing) and asked her if she'd help me. I was so grateful she said yes!

Also, one of my mom's best friends, Carol, is an amazing quilter. I e-mailed her and told her about our secret gift. She was amazing and so supportive. She gave us great advice and told us all the things we needed to buy and told us that if we couldn't finish it, to mail it to her and she'd help!!

How am I so blessed to know so many amazing women?? Carol also said it would be more like a comforter than a quilt, which is perfect because it "Comforts your mother.......I love that word." She's so cute.

So with Tami's help, I set out to make this comforter. She helped me SO much (sometimes even just doing it herself...which was SO nice and made it look SO much better!!!) and was honestly the reason it was completed. I don't think I ever would've been able to do it without her. I KNOW I wouldn't have. I even broke TWO of her sewing machine needles. Not one. Two. She didn't even get mad. She just got out another one and let me break it. I let her finish the comforter after I had broken two....She only had one left.

Finally, it was finshed.

Catheryn had a favorite blanket that we used as the back (I'm so glad Amy remembered this blanket, because I never would've thought of it! It was a great idea) and then we sewed the shirts onto fleece squares, and then sewed the squares onto the flannel fabric.

I was pretty proud of the final product. I folded it up with one of Catheryn's Paris scarves, and mailed it to my mom for Christmas. She thought I had it professionally done (isn't that so nice?) :). Thank you so much Tami, Amy, and Carol for all your help! I NEVER could've done it without you all!

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Aubrie Knight said...

What a beautiful gift and a great momento of your sister. I bet your mom really loved this.Awesome!

natasha said...

what a great way to remember your sister! im sure your mom really loves it. it turned out cute!

Grandma Nell said...

Yes, her mom L.O.V.E.S. it!!! And I really did think she paid someone to make it for her to give to me! When I found out that Stacey had made it herself (with Tami's help and Amy and Carol's support!) it made it even more special to me! I will cherish it forever! Thank you Susie!

erin said...

it looks awesome!

i also love the first couple paragraphs. on one of james' and my dates we went mini golfing with some other friends. i asked him why he wasnt getting my ball out of the hole once i hit in like kyle was doing for cristina. he replied, "well do you see how cristina is dressed?" i still only wear tshirts. :) but apparently james still loves me.

Karleigh said...

Cute! I love making quilts. You did great.

fawnda said...

What a speciall gift! Your mom is lucky! : )

derek and michelle said...

Thats so neat! I love reading your blog, you should post some pics of the girls soon!

RussellsRoost said...

So cool. I always wondered what it looked like! You guys did a great job! Thanks for sharing

Jessica Hills said...

Oh my goodness your kids are so cute! Come stop by my Favorite Things Friday Party if you would like to join in!

Meeker home said...

That's an awesome idea! What a great way to remember Catheryn!

Doug and Alyssa said...

Wow! I didn't know you did that! That's a really cool idea and you did great, it looks so good!


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