Friday, February 5, 2010

My Golden Birthday

*Disclaimer: I started this post on Jan. 8. I promise I haven't left my blog as long as it looks like. I have been working on this the WHOLE time and it's taken so long to add pictures that I get frustrated and stop working on it. Continue on*

On November 23, I turned 23. I've been looking forward to my golden birthday my WHOLE life. When I turned 21, I started planning my 23 birthday party. It was going to be faaaaaaabulous. Like "My Super Sweet 16" style...Except for a 23-year-old. And I'd need MTV to sponser it....cause there's no way I'd be paying for it. My party was going to be all white, black, gold, and red and include things like small weeping willow trees, with white lights strung through the branches...surrounded by black leather couches in a geometrical pattern with gold and red accents. The party was going to be outside...but still have walls where pictures of me, Cody and any children I had at that time would be hung. (I didn't have any kids yet when I was planning) There were lots of other plans.....But since none of this happened, I won't go into it.

But doesn't it sound amazing?

Instead of having My Super Sweet 23, Cody and I were living in Huntington Beach, had a 13 month old, and I was 8+ months pregnant. Not sure MTV would be interested. So I told Cody he was in charge of my birthday, and I wanted everything to be a surprise. I also told him I wanted him to take me to dinner in Laguna Beach or LA at a really romantic restaurant and walk on the beach while the sunset. But the rest could be a surprise.

I had a FABULOUS birthday. Honestly, probably my best birthday I've ever had. For days afterwards all I could think about was how amazing it was. I'm pretty sure I have the best husband of all time. (I forgot-we actually celebrated my birthday two days before my actual birthday, because my actual birthday was on a Monday and Cody had to work.)

First, Cody woke up with Chloe so I could sleep in. Around 9 am, they both came in to wake me up. Chloe even had a Happy Birthday Hat on! It was adorable. Cody gave me my first gift, tickets to New Moon from Dirk and Tami! Then he told me to take a shower and my birthday would begin! After I got ready, Cody made me breakfast and we went to New Moon around 11. LOVED it! Ok, didn't love the beginning when it was suuuper cheesy and they were all over each other, but loved the rest. After the movie we went home and had lunch and saw Chloe for a minute before my next surprise! We left for dinner and the sunset around 4 and Cody told me about the places he had made reservations at for dinner. (There were 3.) He decided to tell me about them so we could decide together. After he told me about them-they were all seafood- we decided on one and made our way towards Laguna Beach. Cody was (slightly) speeding, trying to make it to the beach before the sunset, when a hidden cop on a motorcycle popped out and pulled us over. I told Cody to pretend we were going to the hospital to have the baby....But we had already passed the hospital and how would that look? I also told him to tell the cop it was my birthday, but we decided to not try and get out of it. So we got the dang ticket. Luckily, he pulled us over right next to Crystal Cove State Park and it was beautiful, and I got to watch the sunset there! I was really, honestly happy.

We made it to Laguna and the sun hadn't fully gone down, so we went to the beach and watched it set the rest of the way. We didn't walk in the sand, though, because it was freezing. We made our way to the place we had picked for dinner, but after looking at the menu, we decided we didn't want to go there anymore. So we kept walking and went to The Beach House.
We walked in and Cody told the host it was my birthday and I wanted to sit outside. He wished me a happy birthday and showed us to our seats- outside! I was so excited. The Beach House is really a home that's been transformed into a restaurant so the outside seating was like 4 tables on a little balcony. It was so perfect. It was little and private and romantic. You could still see inside the restaurant because there were giant windows, but I loved being outside. Best part-it was RIGHT on the water! Like if the balcony collapsed, I'd fall on the sand and roll 30 feet into the water. I kept thinking we'd see baby sea turtles hatch and crawl into the water...but we didn't. Oh well.

I had yummy lobster-it was aaaamazing! I don't remember what Cody had...but I remember he wasn't as big of a fan of his as I was of mine. After we ate, our waitress came and said she had heard it was my birthday, and brought me complimentary tiramisu! I was SO excited because I LOVE tiramisu and I only ever got to eat it at Za's...and now I got it again! Woohoo! The waitress said she had something else for me, but would wait until after I made my wish on my candle in the dessert. She had spilled my water earlier, so I thought maybe our drinks would be free...But no. This was way better!

There was a couple sitting inside the restaurant, but right next to us-just on the other side of the window, so we could see them and they could see us. The waitress brought us an envelope and told us it was from them. We opened it and there was a note on the back of their bill that said- "From a couple who is-has been married for 34 yrs. Enjoy life. Enjoy your children! And raise them so that they will want to take care of you, someday." Along with the note was $70!! We were BLOWN away! Unfortunately the couple had already left, so we didn't get to thank them. It was the nicest thing I think anyone has ever done for me. Straight out of the movies! :)

After we left we walked around Laguna, going into a random park (I totally was expecting a homeless person to jump out at us...but they didn't), art museums, and just around the town. It was so fabulous.

When we got back home, I opened my present from Cody. I wasn't expecting much, so I was SO surprised and excited when I opened it and found...A Wishblade!!! A wishblade is a lot like a Cricut, except different. :) I couldn't believe he had gotten me one and I was so so so excited. I use it all the time! Cody said he researched the Wishblade a TON and even joined 5 scrapbook forums to learn about i!!! (He loves me, eh?) He told me after I opened it that my parents had helped pay for half of it. THANK YOU Mom and Dad!!! I love love love it (and just used it today!)!! After I opened it we were watching tv and I had it on my lap- later Tami said that I just kept petting it over and over. It's like my new little pet!

On my actual birthday Dirk and Tami gave me a super nice present of $30! Their card said it was for baby stuff- or shoes! I was so excited I could have a good reason to spend money on shoes!!! ....But later I decided to put the money towards a car seat instead. I was actually happy about the decision, I promise. I guess your priorities change when you have kids!

By FAR, my 23rd and Golden Birthday was the BEST birthday EVER!!!!!


derek and michelle said...

You guys are so cute. You have a sweet husband! Cant wait to see pics of your girls.

Grandma Nell said...

So fun to read about it after hearing all the details earlier - a few months ago! Time flies, doesn't it?!! Hope your 23rd year is going as perfectly as your birthday day was!

Doug and Alyssa said...

Hehe I remember all your super sweet golden birthday plans. What a fun birthday! Good job Cody! (and parents and parents-in-law) And that's so cool that those people gave you 70 bucks. I want to do that someday.

erin said...

yay for your wishblade and priorities changing! i told james all i wanted for valentines day and our anniversary (3 days apart) was a travel system. happy late late late 23rd haha :)


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