Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pumpking Carving Contest

I know it's almost Christmas...But I couldn't just skip our Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest!!! When Seth, Katie, Dan and Amy came for Chloe's birthday, we had a pumpkin competition! It was so fun. We had 4 pumpkins and everyone was on teams. Seth and Katie, Amy and Dan, me and Cody, and Dirk and Tami. The rules were everyone planned out their pumpkin with their team member, carved it, and displayed it. Then everyone voted anonymously and you weren't allowed to vote for your own. There were 4 bags of candy (from the dollar store...yum :-) ) and the team with the most votes got to pick which bag they wanted first, down to the last team.

I think everyone had a great time carving pumpkins! I had a blast. It was so fun!

Cody did pretty much everything on our pumpkin...I came up with the design and what we wanted to carve and he did the rest. He did give me the knife to carve once...But I got scared when it went through MUCH faster and further than I had thought and I gave it back.

Dan is taking out pumpkin guts while Amy designs their pumpkin

The Finished Results!!! Can you guess who belongs to each pumpkin?? (Ninja-Cody and Stacey, "Y"- Seth and Katie (Katie scraped off the oval around the Y and dyed it blue with food coloring! It was awesome!!, Chloe-Dirk and Tami (She even had a bow on her head and two little teeth!! SOooooooo cute!), and Vomit-Dan and Amy (Not only was the vomit coming out of it's mouth, but also it's nose!! It was soooooo funny!!!)

The winning pumpkin! Everyone's pumpkin had votes-which was so awesome! Everyone loved all of them!

Before everyone left we had to take a family picture (Chloe was sleeping) and of course that included Junior!!! I had so much fun having everone here. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming and surprising me for Chloe's birthday! It was awesome!!

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Gena said...

Those are pretty cool pumpkins. I would've never thought to do something like that Ninja!


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