Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For Halloween, we dressed Chloe up as a little Illiniette! I saw the outfit in Target last year when I was in Illinois for my baby shower, and had to have it. (So I told my mom and she bought it for me :-) ) I was so excited to have Chloe show off her Illini Pride...But no one here in SoCal knew what she was! They knew she was a cheerleader...but not for the Illini. Oh well, I definitely told everyone so they weren't wondering for long. Unfortunately we didn't get a great pic of her in all her Illini glory, but here are a few. I made her a bow of the same ribbons that are on her socks, but by the time we got to the trunk'r'treat she had pulled it out and ripped the ribbon off the clippy so I couldn't really put it back in. I fixed it by the time we went Trick'R'Treating by the pier, though.Chloe and her friend, Mary. She's so cute as a little ladybug!!

She just wanted to get down and walk all around getting candy!! No time for pictures with mom! Cody and I "dressed" up as Jim and Pam from The Office. Our shirts say Dunder Mifflin on the front and on the back on his is a pic of Jim, and on mine is a picture of Pam. We figured it worked since...we've worked together before, we're married, and I was pregnant. I promise Chloe was having a fun time there!

The next day we went Trick'R'Treating on Main Street which is right by the HB Pier. All the stores and restaurants were giving out candy. One guy even gave out ice cream!
Not a great pic of me...but you can see Chloe's bow!
It was preeeeeeeeeeetty packed.

This firefighter was so nice-he leaned down and looked at Chloe and said, "You are so beautiful." So I told him we had to have a pic with him. He's not trying to give the candy to Cody...just trying to get Chloe to look at the camera. Oh well.

Remind me again why we're leaving this for negative temperatures???


Ainsley Anderson said...

oh, i didn't know you had to go back to rexburg?! good luck. hopefully you will get to move back soon.

DAY said...

i LOVE her Illini outfit! SOOO cute!! Whitney wore one for halloween when she was 3...oh such sweet memories :) Go Illini!!


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