Friday, October 2, 2009

Where to begin..

Happy October! Can you believe it's October already?! And guess what...Today is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!!! I love you and you're SUCH an amazing man. And what a sweet grandpa!!! He loves playing with his grandkids. I love the faces he was making with Chloe. They're so cute togther! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and I wish we could all be there with you to celebrate your big day!

I've gotten pretty sick of the fact that I update the blog like...once a month. I check everyone else's (well, just on google reader..unless it's private-then I check it) every day and if people haven't updated in like 5 days I'm like-Hello?! I know something has happened in your life...Fill us in! So to stop being such a hypocrite, I decided I needed to step up on the blogging front. I didn't want to do anything too drastic and say I had to post like every day because I didn't want to feel overwhelmed and not do anything...So I set a reminder on my phone to go off every Saturday to tell me to blog. I know, it sounds kinda lame...But since tomorrow I'll be watching General Conference when my reminder goes off, I decided to do some blogging now.

It's always hard for me to remember what I've posted on here and what pictures I've only put on Facebook. I think that's another reason I haven't blogged lately. Lame excuses, I know. So to catch up from my last post, I'll just do an overview.

We went to Speedway at the end of August. It was so fun! I went with Cody right before we got married and this was my second time there. They were doing the side-car races which were way different than I thought. I thought it was like those little cars with the side-cars on the side..It made sense to me at least! But no. It's like motorcycles with someone just hanging off the side. It was cool! We saw crashes and all kinds of exciting things. Even Chloe loved it! She ended up falling asleep at the end, which was perfect. I'm so proud of her for being able to fall asleep in loud places...Just like her mom :)
It was so pretty when the sun was setting. We could even see the fires from where we were. (So we weren't trying to take this picture to get the lady behind me...But the lady in the black kept whistling SOOO loud. I think her little boy was in one of the races. She kept waking Chloe up whenever she would whistle! I was getting so frustrated. I just wanted to say, "I'm all for you cheering on your kid, but can you just tell me when you're going to do it so I can cover up my baby's ears?!" It was driving me crazy!) remember how I live here???
Yeah...that's all about that :)

Oh! Ok, random...But just like everyone else says, this is my journal. So whatev.
I've stopped straightening my hair! It's been one whole week now that I haven't done it once! It's awesome. I love it. It never took long to straighten it, but it really does look basically the same.....My hair is pretty much straight already and I can deal with the little bit of wave it gets... (On one side only....) I've straightened my hair every day since my senior year in high school (with the exception of this last week) and I hate how damaged it's become. So I gave it up! I'm sure I'll still do it occasionally...But I love not doing it! AND I've had a lot of people say it looks shinier and pretty. Woohoo!


So sweet!

Ok, I've decided this is long enough. I'll come back (SOON! I PROMISE!) and keep updating. I have crafts and projects to show and all kinds of exciting stories! Woohoo!!!


Gena said...

I'm jealous of that warm weather you still have! I love that silly face of hers! Yes, yes, yes, Keep us updated. I love to hear how everything is going!

RussellsRoost said...

Yeah for more posts!! I am excited! I am the same way, I always check everyone elses, but hardly ever up date my own. I need to be better!

Ash Kelley said...

that's so awesome you guys are in CALIFORNIA!!! Super Jealous! and Chloe is so darn cute, i can't get over it she's adorable!!!

Doug and Alyssa said...

You know this is just making me miss you more. But I loved it! The speedway looks fun. I've never been to anything like that before. And Chloe is as cute as ever. And you look so pregnant and cute. And I cant believe you live in such a pretty place. Lucky. It snowed at our house on Thursday.

Doug and Alyssa said...

Oh and I'm so excited that you stopped straightening your hair! I quit like 3 years ago and its so great. And your yummy fall potpourri looks like it belongs in better homes and gardens or something! I think i'll try it.


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