Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Playing in the Park

My alarm went off for posting...And to be honest, I'm just not feeling it.

However, I can't skip my very first appointed blogging time. So I'm doing it anyway.

Yesterday when I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I thought I'd do something pregnancy related...Since I haven't really talked about it at all... (Even the blog post that WAS put on here announcing our pregnancy was done by Cody-so really, I haven't talked about it at ALL.) But now I don't really know what to say.

So I'll continue with the catching up.

Chloe LOVES going to the park. There is one really close -like right behind- our house, so we get to go pretty often. She can't really do anything except swing and go down the little slide, but she loves doing those things! And pretty soon she'll be walking more confidently (That's right, yesterday she TOOK OFF with walking! WOOOOOHOOO!!!!!) and will be able to play on the playground more. But for now, she's happy with the slide and the swings.

We walk there in this car that she absolutely loves (and you get to see my baby bump)

cross over the grass, and there it is! The playground. Hooray. She likes the slide. I promise. And these pictures were taken before she decided she was too big for help. She now slides down all by herself. When you put her on the top of the slide she just scoots her little tushy until she goes down!

But her favorite is the swings.

Even Junior gets in on the action

What a fun day in the park.

P.S. If you click on these pictures, they'll get bigger! Woohoo!!! I've finally figured it out :)


DAY said...

i'm glad you set your alarm and stuck to it! your baby bump is cute; and little miss Chloe, is a great mix of you both :) what a cutie she is. I'm so proud of you Stacey, for growing up and becoming a sweet doesn't seem that long ago when you got your drivers license and that was huge news!!! p.s. call me anytime, it would be great to talk to you :)

Gena said...

I'm glad you posted even though you weren't feeling it ... nice to see your baby bump! It's getting closer. Can't believe it!

And I am so jealous that it is October and you guys are still outside without big parkas on! It is freezing here already!

Ash Kelley said...

what cute pictures! (ideas for what to post about pregnancy what babies name are you thinking of?? when's your due date? basically all the stuff i'm dying to know. )

erin said...


Doug and Alyssa said...

I love Chloe's car. That's way cooler than a stroller. And as wonderful california is, I'll be glad when you move back to Idaho so I can come see you.


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