Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up

How many times have I needed to catch up?! A bajillion. So here we go again.

In June, Rexburg has the Rexburg Air Show. They have a bunch of fun planes that do tricks (some of them) and others that just fly around. The way I've described it, it sounds lame...But it's not. I promise!
I hung out with Chloe while Cody rode my bike around

Then we had Father's Day! Cody is a FABULOUS Father, so to celebrate him I got him some gifts! (Don't mind the Christmas wrapping paper...It's all we have!)Yeah! It's a grill! And..... Charcoal!

And just because no post is complete without pictures of Chloe...Squash-Face Baby! (She was SO tired while we were feeding her and after getting food all over her hands started rubbing her eyes)
She LOVES to read her books...Even if they are upside down!

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