Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Day at the Spa

(I got all these images from their website --
When Chloe was born, my co-workers had a little going away party for me before I quit my job. They gave me a $60 gift certificate to Sage Day Spa here in Rexburg. I still hadn't used it by Christmas, so Cody put on an extra $40 so I could get the "Chocolate Package." It included an exfoliating body glow-using chocolate-and a chocolate pedicure. I really, really wanted a massage, so instead of doing the package, I just got a massage and the chocolate pedicure. It was $10 more, but sooo worth it.
The girl that did my massage was awesome! It felt so good! She used her elbows and everything--which just made me think of Phoebe from Friends the whole time..You know, when Monica wants a job from that guy, and then he gets high and eats all her food? And then Phoebe gives him a massage at the end and just hurts him the whole time...with her elbows.

This isn't me....But that's what I felt like after (and during) my massage. Ahhhhhh it was fabulous.
When I had my pedicure the girl asked if I wanted a tray of chocolates. Um, yeah! Turned out to be some hard candies, wedding mints and trail mix...but hey, it came with the deal, so I'll take it. I also got some kind of cherry drink-complete with margarita glass, cherry, whip cream, and straw, and they gave me apple juice, too! It was awesome.

I want to go to the spa every day


CHMomma said...

good for you for getting pampered every mom deserves that (especially first time mommies) glad you had a good time!

Ashley said...

they put chocolate on your toes???!!! I'm so confused!

CodynStacey said...

Hahaha no. I thought they were going to, and I was a little confused at first, too. It was lotion with a chocolate smell..That's why they called it a chocolate pedicure.

the milners said...

um, I want to go to the spa everyday too! Want to make it a date...everyday?? :) I love that place - one of my students gave me a pedicure there at the end of my 1st year teaching, and now at the end of every year I find myself praying that another student will do the same! It hasn't happened, probably because I'm coveting for the gift. Sigh.


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