Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Some Pics...

I had straightened it by now!

3 Month Baby! (Big Bird is there for a growing reference)

She LOVES to have her hands like this!!

Like Father, like daughter!

I finally got her attention. She didn't want to look away from his game!

Look at those cheeks!

In other news..Chloe has learned how to take out her pacifier and wave it in the air...But she doesn't know how to put it back in. We're working on it. And she loves looking at herself in the mirror! We'll stand infront of it and she just stares at herself and then smiles and smiles.

She laughed last week! She laughed for Cody first (Of course! She does everything for him first...Roll over, smile, now laugh!) and she laughed for me on Saturday! It was the coolest thing EVER! She laughed a little more last night when Cody was playing with her, and I'm trying to get it to come out again! I guess Dad's are just cooler than Mom's. :)

Oh and we have pictures of her in her blessing dress! We tried it on her last night to make sure itfits. It's a little big, but not bad at all! It's so so so pretty and I can't wait to share the pictures, but I'm waiting till after she's blessed! So check in next week!


Amy said...

I super love your hair! And I super love that baby!!!! and her red hair! I can't wait to kiss those little cheeks this weekend!! Hurry up and get here!!!

erin said...

stacey, chloe is beautiful and is seriously cute! im glad i can say that w/o lying! what a darling, darling baby!

i wont be able to attend the blessing and im so sad since its just in spanish fork! im gonna be up in ogden for the weekend (my sister is coming into town).

in other news, james' friend is getting marred in rexburg in the end of march, so i'll have to come stop by and see you and chloe!!!

Grandma Nell said...

Is she not just the most beautiful, petite little sweetheart you've ever seen???! I love her little hands, her cute little nose, her sweet lips and her beautiful red hair!!! I love that she loves sitting on her daddy's lap watching him play video games!! AND I love your hair! It's seriously so cute!! I hope you take lots o' pictures on the blessing day - I've got to see everything!

Ash said...

she's gorgeous! and Kailyn always laughed at Travis when she was younger. Now that she's older she laughs at me some now too. It'll even out.

jonandalicia said...

I am so sad that we can't be there for her blessing!!! I hope that everthing goes well and we are anxious to see the pictures!!! We miss you guys so much! Every time I see a picture of Chloe I think how much she has grown since we were there! I can't wait to hold her again and to see all of her new tricks!


Los Webb said...

She is adorable, I love her cheecks.
And just as a side note the whole mirrow thing, all I have to say is:"like mother like daughter." Remember how when I would talk to you in the CFR office you would all of the sudden star fixin your hair and look stright on the window. And then after you notice that I was freaked out a little you explained that you could see your reflection!
I cant wait to see pictures in her blessing outfit.

Meeker home said...

Stacey! I just barely got your invite for Chloe's blessing! It was sent to my gmail account which I rarely check. I'm so sorry we missed it! I hope it was a wonderful day. Cute cute Chloe. She'll be all grown up before we have a chance to meet her. :( Keep posting those pictures!

Citrus Hearts(Bree Walk) said...

Okay so super huge cheeks must run in the walk family because her cheeks and Ben's cheeks are just so huge LOL. I cant believe how big she is getting miss you guys :)


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