Friday, January 2, 2009


This Christmas was so fun. Cody, Chloe and I got to go to California to spend it with Cody's family. We left on the 20th around 6 am because we decided to drive! What fun that was. It really wasn't too bad, Chloe was SUCH a good girl and slept most of the time. I fed her in her carseat while Cody drove and then we'd stop to take her out to burp her. By the end of the trip, though, she hated getting back into her seat. She would stretch out her body to try to stop us from putting her in! We got to Cali that night around 9. We made such good time! Only 15 hours (with the time change)!

We had so so so much fun there. It was so great to see some of Cody's family and let Chloe have fun with her aunt, uncles, and grandparents! Cody's parents loved holding her and feeding her-I always feel bad having someone else feed Chloe or change her or things like that-I feel like they're just being nice and dont' really want to do it-but they kept telling me that they only got to be with her for a week and they really wanted to! It was so nice. They even watched her while Cody and I went on (numerous) dates!! It was great to get to be together again! He took me to see Twilight and we both liked it!!! I think I liked it more than Cody...But he said it wasn't bad!

For the longest time Chloe has been out and about in just a blanket over her carseat-we didn't have any kind of coat or anything. I bought one awhile ago, but it was WAY too big, so I didn't know what to do! Luckily, Dirk and Tami gave her an early Christmas present! Her "Squirrel Suit!" (When you unzip it the middle piece hangs down and it looks like a squirrel with a long tail.)

On Christmas Eve, Tami asked Cory to mow the lawn, but when I heard about mowing, I told them I would do it! I LOVE to mow and I haven't been able to since I was probably 16 or 17! When I moved to Utah my grandparents had "people" that did that, and now we're in an apartment so it's been a long time! I was so excited and I definitely haven't ever mowed on Christmas Eve before!! I've never had a warm Christmas in my life! I even ran into an orange from the orange tree while I was mowing...Also a first!

Our Christmas was so fun. In our family we get our stockings first, then my mom sits by the tree and gives out presents one at a time to open. After presents we eat breakfast...Which usually consists of our stocking candy! In Cody's family we get stockings, then have breakfast which is always crepes. Yum! Then after breakfast everyone gets a pile of their presents and opens them, one at a time. It was different for me to have all my presents stacked infront of me at once, but so fun! Chloe loved it too!!

Chloe got a Santa hat from her Aunt Amy, and everyone loved taking pictures of her in it. Everyone agreed she looked more like the Pope than Santa...But she's still so cute!!

While we were there we took Chloe to the beach for her very first time! I wanted to put her feet in the water, but she was in her squirrel suit and sleeping...So I decided that wasn't a good idea. We walked down the beach and Cody was taking pictures of everything. It was so fun! The whole time we were there I kept forgetting it was Christmas-time because it was so warm and nice outside. I definitely welcomed it though!

After a week of gorgeousness we came home and there was like 2 feet of snow! Cody had to park behind some cars so he could dig out a spot for our car. (I called and complained and a few hours later there was someone with a plow.
Too bad Cody had already done it...) This is Cody's car...Completely covered! Chloe and I hung out in the car for like 30 minutes because we couldn't even make it to our door!

It was a fabulous Christmas and I can't wait for next year! Having Chloe made this year even more even more special. I was always thinking about Mary and Joseph and their journey to have the baby Jesus. I felt like I had so much more of a connection to Mary and it made the Christmas season really come alive to me. I have never thought about the true meaning of Christmas as much as I did this year and it made it so wonderful. I am so grateful that we celebrate the birth of our Savior and we can have a extra special time to remember Him and His earthly parents. I am so glad that Chloe could help me remember Him!


sketigal said...

I went snowmobiling on Christmas. It was fun, but I think I'd be okay with a trip to the beach! And I love mowing too.

I love the pictures Cody took of the sunset. I saw them on facebook and I just couldn't believe them! They are absolutely gorgeous!

erin said...

hahahaha i love that codys car is totally covered. sooo rexburg! funny, but so not at the same time! glad you guys enjoyed california. i too, love mowing the lawn (if its by my own choice). :)

Ash said...

Chloe is sooo gorgeous stacey! And man oh man do I not miss idaho! At least there was no snow at Christmas!

Bekah said...

I was dreaming of snow this year. I wanted cold snowy Christmas time so badly. Prpbably because ive never had to wait in the car for a half hour whikr the sirewalk gers shoveled, that might make me change my wish. Guess i'm going to have to wait till I leave this state for that though. I'm so glad you enjoyed CA and had a beautiful Christmas. And especially glad you were able to travel safely. Get chloe used to the car now and she will love to travel when she's a little older.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

~Cmac~ said...

Oh my goodness! Seriously, can she be any cuter? I love the pic of her smiling. You guys make me so excited to have my baby girl! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas.

Amy said...

I love this post so much Stacey -- It's so cool to me that Chloe seems to have grounded and settled you onto all the things that matter most. She's a gift to all of us. I love her so much!!! And her parents too!!! I love her squirrel suit and her little tongue and her Pope/Santa hat! and everything about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that awesome picture of the Pier! You guys are great photogs!

Meeker home said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday. that first picture of Chloe is adorable!!


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