Monday, October 13, 2008

I have THE BEST husband ever because....

I will tell you!

For the past like 2 months I've wanted a glider sooo so bad. I had one picked out that I wanted to order. It was so pretty and the cheapest one I had found! I had been looking on the bulletin board at and craigslist...but they were all ugly! Either that or they were almost just as expensive as the one I wanted. I kept talking to Cody about it and explaining how much I want one and he kept saying we didn't need one.

My reasonings included:

-We already don't have enough seating in our house. Having a glider will be so nice, even just to use when company comes!
-It would just look so good in the baby's room! That little corner just NEEDS a glider.
-Most ottomans for gliders (that I found) are around $150! Our glider AND ottoman would only be $140!!
-How many times do you think I'm going to be nursing a day? AND at night?? I dont' think you'll appreciate me bringing a screaming baby into our room 4 or more times a night, trying to get comfortable on the bed, and waking you up EVERY time just to feed her.
-We have people come stay with us not SUPER often, but often enough. If you don't like the screaming baby waking you up every night, I'll have to take her on the couch. I can't do that if we have company because they'll be sleeping in the living room. Plus, I'd probably wake them up anyway, carrying her from room to room. Plus, if I have to go on the couch, it's leather!!! And COLD! Noooo thank you.
-It'd be so nice and so much more comfortable to just pick her up and sit down right away in my soft, nice glider. Ahhh

Cody's reasonings for not wanting one include:

-It's too expensive
-We probably won't use it anyway
-His friends had one and his wife didn't use it

I know..My reasons are way better.

So FINALLY like last week Cody said he was ok with getting one. I was so happy but for some reason whenever he was here I never thought to order it...And I never thought to ask him if I could really order it before he was gone to work or wherever else. So I never got one. I thought of it yesterday and he said I could order it. I told him I wanted to order it right then, but he said no way cause it was Sunday.

(I'm sure you know where this is going)

Today I came home from work and Cody was on the couch. He said someone had brought something for the baby. I asked what it was and he said he didn't know. I asked who it was from and he said he didn't know but he had put it in the baby's room. I thought maybe one of my friends had dropped off a present or something...But thought it was weird he wouldn't have opened it to see what it was. I went into the baby's room to check it out...And......

Ahhhhh!!! Soooo fabulous! He had even written the nicest note and put it on the chair. So sweet!

I grabbed Winnie out of the crib and sat down to rock my "baby." I was so happy!! Look at how pretty it makes her room be

It looks TINY compared to the crib, but it's not! It fits me perfectly!! I love it!!

Isn't he the BEST?!?!?! Love him!

In other news...

Cody and I have started taking walks to get everything going with having the baby. Last night was our first walk. It was really nice, but we decided to go at like 7 pm when it was already dark and FREEZING cold outside. We spent a while getting ready...and be the time we were finally ready I was so tired I had to take a break! Our walk was really nice, though. I have been REALLY sore lately pretty much everywhere and this morning when I got out of bed I didn't hurt at all!! That hasn't happened since before I was pregnant! I was so happy! Maybe exercise really IS good for you! :)


CHMomma said...

aww! look at you all bundled up and cute!
and your glider goes SO well in the nursery. yay! i got one when i had corbin for my bday(my bday is feb he was born in apr). i love it. still have it! they are very resourceful and very comfy

Amy said...

That is so sweet. Cody is great and he is going to be such a good dad! And you're going to be such a good mom rocking that little baby in that cute glider! I love it! I can't wait to rock her in it too!!! Not just Winnie - but he's way cute huh? I love that he's your pseudo-baby until the big C gets here! :)

Grandma Nell said...

Such exciting news!! Cody is so awesome - to surprise you! That's so much fun! And you're so fun to surprise too cuz you never assume or figure it out! You look cute all ready for your walk! And I was surprised to see you wearing the Y sweatshirt. Erin called me and said you had left it at her house? Did you get it from them? I just told her to give it to Noah and that you would get it from him sometime...can't wait for little CC to come!!!

Christine said...

I really want a rocker recliner (that's what we had with Belle) and sometimes Steve says we can get one and sometimes he says no, but the biggest problem is we just don't have room for it... see, we actually have TOO MUCH furniture! We even have a couple things stored in our outside closet (family heirlooms that we don't have room for in the apartment) so I probably won't get a rocker recliner (until we move in April, hopefully to a bigger place, then just maybe!) You'll love having a soft place you can sit (sleep) in while you feed the baby! Enjoy!!

Buscando la Luz said...

What a sweet surprise!

I have to say though that I only used our rocking chair a few times right after my first was born and then it sat basically un-used for ages. I found that nursing on the comfy couch and in bed was tons more comfortable and practical. But I also kept my babies right in our room, right next to our bed, so I wouldn't have to get up constantly all night long. Saved me lots of sleep. :-) (My husband never really heard the newborn baby crying... even when I'd be super exhausted and wish he could get up with them... he'd wake up in the morning and say, "Huh? What crying?" :-P)

But I also know people who nursed all their babies in their gliders. And that one sure does look comfy! And adorable in that gorgeous baby room!

Bekah said...

All bundled up you look like Randy in A Christmas Story. "I can't put my arms down!" "Help me up guys!"
That is so great that you started walking, it will really help with the delivery. Maybe even speed up the process of labor.
I'm so glad you got a rocker. I wanted one of those so bad. In fact, I put one on lay-away but when I went to pick it up the box was totally damaged and they didn't have anymore, but we needed groceries and I thought those were more important, so I returned it before it even left the store. So without a rocker, Ryan was fed in my bed. Then he slept there every night for 6 years! So I hope that this rocker will help you to get a regular routine with your baby and keep her in her own bed so you and Cody can both get good sleep with good sleep habits.
You are blessed! It is so great that you have a good attitude and are enjoying your pregnancy.
Take good care!
Love you.

derek and michelle said...

Aw how nice!! and thats so cute in the lil ones room. I bet you will love it in the middle of the night! you look so cute all bundled!

erin said...

i can TOTALLY imagine you grabbing winnie out of the crib and rocking him in the chair. im so excited for you! :) cant wait til i hear news that she is here! you better deliver it to me! also, my nephew is over due and so ill be up to visit him in a few weeks once hes here... can i come see you too???

Meeker home said...

Your stories crack me up! You excuses were WAY BETTER. The nursery looks so great and is all ready to go. Hint, hint Chloe.

Albright said...

That is so sweet. I did a lot of walking and I got really're lucky!


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