Monday, October 20, 2008

Goodbye To You...

Friday was my last day at Child and Family Resource. It definitely didn't feel like it. I don't know why but I kept feeling like I'm going right back this morning! I guess it's just because I've been there for so long and I don't really know anything else to do here in Idaho...except go to work! I've been working there since we've been married (2 1/2 years...about) and it's been a really, really good job for me. I'm excited to be done because that means I'm having a baby, but it was definitely bittersweet. I have some really, really great co-workers and I'm really going to miss them! I'm glad that it's so close so I can go back and show them my cute baby and keep in touch with everyone there.

Friday morning when I went in I was having kind of a hard time. Not really because of work but just a lot of other stuff going on. I went in and went to my office and in a few minutes Alicia came and asked if I had gone into the copy room. I hadn't, so I went in and totally started crying. They had brought in treats for me and a big sign and had made a card that everyone signed. It was so, so nice.

When I looked closer I saw that I also had a gift and another little card. Inside the bag were two champaign glasses (for celebrating after the baby is born...Denise was also going to give me Martinellis but ended up giving me some fabulous chocolates instead) and in the card was a gift card to Sage Day Spa for $60!! I was so, so excited! (And Cody said we could spend a little more and get a package at the spa -like a massage and facial and pedicure- instead of just one thing!!! How awesome is he?!)

Thank you to everyone that helped make my last day so awesome!!! It was so much fun and I will miss all of you!

Sarah, Daniela, me and Alicia
Marcy and Me - she's pregnant too!! Due on my birthday- November 23!
Me with Ainsley
Denise. Isn't she fabulous?
Me with Beth
Me and Jeff - I was complaining about how fat my face always looks now in pictures so he told me to do the Blue Steel look from Zoolander...We tried at least :)
And I promise I didn't change like three different times on my last day...We took pictures earlier in the week because I didn't know if I'd really last until Friday. And the one with Daniela was actually on her last day!
I missed taking a picture with Rhet, but when I go back on Halloween I'll get one for sure!

I'll miss you guys!


derek and michelle said...

Aw i cant believe how close its getting! have a great week!

sketigal said...

It was certainly different not having you there at work. We're thinking of having a poker party. You're definitely invited to that! I was asked a thousand times at work today if you had your baby yet. So please, get on that! And Melinda changed her hair and it's so hot! I'll see if I can get a picture to you.

erin said...

aw it is true. happy, but sad leaving jobs youve been at for a long time. im sure youll get over it quickly once your baby is here =)

Matt and Jo said...

It was fun to see the pics from CFR. I still miss the kids I used to work with, like Kory! That kid was a crack up! I can't believe Marcy is already so close to having her baby too! Wow!

Los Webb said...

Good ol'days! I got your card today, it was sooo sweet, I was actually reading your blog when I opened it, and I have to admit I cried a little. I keep busy here, but then at the end of hte day when all I do is eat dinner and go to bed it's very lonely :( Miss you very much and you have to keep me posted about your life, xo, Daniela


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